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Prometheus Publishers True Crime Books that are fascinating, covering many of the most perplexing and bizarre cases!

Mortal Evidence: The Forensics Behind Nine Shocking Cases by Cyril H. Wecht, Greg Saitz, Mark Curriden, Henry C. Lee

Did Amy Grossberg and Brian Peterson, murder their child? A dead newborn is found in a motel dumpster. Authorities charge the infant's adolescent parents with murder.  Dr. Wecht comes to a startling conclusion.

Tammy Wynette died unexpectedly but no autopsy was performed.

Did Sam Sheppard "The Fugitive" kill his wife?

World-renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht reviews nine famous cases, illustrating significant issues. He demonstrates how forensic pathology uncovers secrets that solve crimes.

Dr. Wecht reveals the shocking evidence about JonBenet Ramsey's killer, insights into the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, and Robert Berdella's conviction for horrific torture and sex-abuse crimes against young men.

Other cases covered include the death of casino mogul Ted Binion; the 1982 showdown between in
Miracle Valley, Arizona; and Robert Curley's death by thallium poisoning.

Mob Nemesis: How the FBI Crippled Organized Crime by Joe Griffin, Don Denevi

In 1957 when Griffin joined the FBI, the Mob had an iron grip in American port cities. La Cosa, Nostra wasn’t yet officially acknowledged. After a brief overview of the history of the American Mafia, Griffin describes fighting the Mob in Cleveland, Youngstown, Rochester, and Buffalo. He recounts the surveillance, stings, disappointments, and successes. He discusses feuds between law enforcement and the infiltrator in their Cleveland office. Joe Griffin won the FBI Medal of Valor. After serving the FBI for 30 years he is now CEO for Quest Consultants International, a Chicago based investigative consultation firm.

Police Unbound: Corruption, Abuse, and Heroism by the Boys in Blue by Anthony V. Bouza

Anthony V. Bouza is a retired Minneapolis police chief, former Bronx force commander, and author of The Police Mystique. Bouza an officer of 36 years reveals the secret world of law enforcement’s unspoken codes. Bouza considers the problem in policing: the white, wealthy, educated, suburbanites voting that police keep the underprivileged   “out of sight.” Los Angeles, New York, and Minneapolis departments are analyzed.

Cracking Cases: The Science of Solving Crimes
by Henry C. Lee, Thomas W. O'Neil (Contributor), and Charles D. Gill

Dr. Lee world-renowned forensic expert investigates five murder cases.

Includes the OJ Simpson case, where Dr. Lee's scrutiny of blood evidence revealed Los Angeles Police Department missed blood drops on Nicole Simpson's back, a second footprint of a possible assailant, and the physical unlikelihood Simpson climbed a fence.

The "Wood chipper murder" a pilot killed his wife, then ground up her body.

Ed Sherman an English professor attempted to cover up the time of his wife's death by turning up the air-conditioning and claiming he was away sailing.

In the Mathison murder, a seasoned Hawaiian police sergeant ran over his wife after a quarrel.

Police sergeant MacArthur staged his wife’s suicide.

Dr. Lee gained respect through his testimony in the OJ Simpson trial.

Dr. Lee presents a simply understood scientific account of the murders, blood-spatter evidence and blood identification, and DNA.

How to Stop a Stalker by Mike Proctor

One out of every 12 women and one out of every 45 men in the United States
are stalked! This book gives you the means to protect yourself, and to
put the stalker behind bars. Mike Proctor, Veteran of the Westminster, California, Police Department, explains stalking and what to do if you find yourself an unfortunate victim measures to aid in prosecution.
Examples from actual cases. Of use to stalking victims, victim advocates, law enforcement officials,
 and employers.

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