Gary Ridgway's Arrest
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November 30th, 2001, earlier in the day, before lunch Ridgway was questioned at his workplace about the crimes. After the interview he joined a coworker for lunch and his demeanor seemed normal.

Law enforcement believe they caught Ridgway in lies during that interview.

Ridgway admitted to knowing victim, Carol Ann Christensen, a waitress at a tavern, but was caught in a lie when he denied having a sex with her, according to the statement of probable cause. Lab tests concluded he is the contributor of semen on Christensen's body.

They returned to arrest him at work at 3:00 PM, he appeared "bland and seemed unsurprised."

Ridgway was charged with the murders of Carol Ann Christensen, Marcia Fay Chapman, Cynthia Jean Hinds, and Opal Charmaine Mills.

He talked with detectives for awhile until he requested an attorney at 4:30 PM. An attorney arrived to see him at 6:00 PM.

Ridgway's current wife, Judith, was questioned and released at the couple's home.

Ridgway, jailed without bail, was calm though "clearly stressed" when he initially met with a team of three court-appointed lawyers to discuss his situation, said Mark Prothero of the King County Public Defenders office.

Ridgway is held in the high security unit at the jail.

He isn't talking.

He declined to talk about the accusations or how his family are dealing with his arrest. He was polite but firm. "I can't say anything," he repeated softly several times during morning visiting hours.

"He's under a lot of stress," Gruenhagen said. "He's trying to hold it together as well as he can."

He is unshaven and his hair disheveled. 2 officers led him to a visiting window. He wore a white "ultrahigh security" uniform.

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