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In 1987, Ridgway's 2nd wife, Marcia remembers Ridgway liked to search out places where people had dumped things to scavenge for old auto parts. She showed detectives some of those places and they were not far from where victims' bodies were found even before their location was public information.

She told police he took her bicycling along the Green River (where Coffield, Bonner, Mills, Chapman and Hinds) were found.

Many places she identified were near where 2 dozen victims were found (including Amina Agisheff, believed to be the first victim, who disappeared in July 1982.) She pointed out a road, where 6 victims were found, as one of his favorite places.

She said he would like to have sex with her in these places.

She said he kept a state map with his favorite camping and outdoor spots marked on it.

In 1991, the body of Sarah Habakangas, a 17-year-old of Virginia, was found in North Bend. The body of Nicole French, 19, of Sacramento, CA was found nearby, in an area his ex wife indicated he liked to go out to. Both women had been prostitutes who hung out on the SeaTac Pacific Highway South "strip.

At one point, she took out a restraining order against him. She feared his temper.

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