Deadly Youth
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School Killings

Murdered Children

Youth Violence: A Report of the Surgeon General

Eric Smith, 13, murdered 4-year-old Derrick Robie.

Robert Thompson & Jon Venables murdered James Bulger, 2 years old

Diane Zamora & David Graham - Murdered a schoolmate.

Lionel Tate 12 years old Murdered a 6 year old girl

Robert Tulloch, 17 James Parker, 16 - Stabbing deaths in Dartmouth, NH.

Chad O'Connell - Stabbed a person in street fight

Timothy Scott Sherman- Killed mother and adopted father

Willie Bosket - 15 year old

Mary Bell 11-year-old

George Junius Stinney, Jr 14 years - murdered 2 young girls.

Barry Loukaitis - 14 years old - murdered 3 people

Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold - Columbine High school, Littleton, CO

Charles Andrew Williams - Santana High School Santee, CA

In the early 1950's, Juliet Hulme, 15, helped Pauline Parker, 15, kill Honora Parker, Pauline's mother by hitting her in the head with a half-brick in a stocking. They spent five years in prison. The Justice Department gave them new identities when released. Juliet changed her name to Anne Perry was writing murder mysteries in Scotland. Parker, a devout Roman Catholic graduated from college as a librarian, taught disabled children and ran a riding school for them. Heavenly Creatures (1994) Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker, become best friends, whose bizarre fantasy life becomes more intense as their bond becomes more obsessive. When the mother of one of the girls tries to split the girls, they kill her and stand trial for murder. Kate Winslet ( Titanic ) and Melanie Lynskey create two sympathetic and yet uncomfortably eerie characters in riveting portrayals.

Martin Puccio-the Broward County 7 -- In 1992, a South Florida suburban high school student in was killed by his friends. On July 15th 1993, 7 teenagers from Broward County, South Florida, stabbed and bludgeoned Bobby Kent to death - leaving his corpse in a swamp.

Bully: Does Anyone Deserve to Die? by Jim Schutze --Combines details about the saw grass marshes and alligators south of Fort Lauderdale with the fantasy lives of teenagers hooked on surfing, steroids and instant gratification. Suburban kids, moral depravity and a love triangle: Marty Puccio, 20, and his girlfriend, Lisa Connelly, 18, who desires to prevent Marty from a homosexual relationship with a mutual friend.

VHS - Bully (2001) Marty (Brad Renfro) relies on Bobby Kent (Nick Stahl) for rides to the beach and bars. When Bobby turns his attention to Lisa (Rachel Miner), Marty's girlfriend and her friend Ally (Bijou Phillips), Lisa devises a plan to get Bobby out of the way.

The Stalking & Murder of 16 Year Old Laurie Show - Profile 19 year old Lisa Michelle Lambert viciously and savagely mutilated 16 year old Laurie Show.

American Justice: Teenage Murder -- One woman has been convicted twice, by the same judge, of the same crime, and has gone to jail twice. AJ recounts every step of the strange journey of Lisa Michelle Lambert in this gripping program. Hear from Hazel Snow, the victim's mother, who says her daughter whispered "Michelle did it" as she lay dying in her arms with a slit throat and a rope around her neck. Examine the conflicting testimony that Lisa and her two codefendants have given. And unravel the bizarre web of legal decisions that have made this case into one of the most complicated in the history of Pennsylvania. Featuring interviews with the prosecutors who tried the case, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, friends of the victim and Lisa herself.

All of the students knew Diane Borchardt, 45, as Mrs. B., motherly aide who was as sympathetic as a Girl Scout leader. The 3 boys Michael Maldonado, 15, Doug Vest, 16, Josh Yanke, 16, arrived at the Borchardt home about 3 a.m. Easter morning. Wearing new hooded sweatshirts and gardening gloves, the trio went to the door that Diane promised would be open.

When kids raise themselves -- Almost a dozen 10- to 18-year-old males in Milwaukee have been or will be charged for beating Charlie Young Jr. to death with a mop, a shovel, a tree limb, bats, folding chairs, a rake, 50 to 60 times. One boy's father says kids are just kids. A mother of 3 of the boys doesn't believe they did anything. A sister of 2 suspects blamed the victim.

In Cold Blood – Kids today lack meaningful connections to the community – while rural life was once filled with chores and responsibilities, now kids are left alone with TV and video games – an unsupervised emptiness that can have dangerous results.

A disturbing subject—acts of lethal violence committed by "ordinary" teenagers from "ordinary" communities, teenagers who have become detached from civic life, saturated by the mythic violent imagery of popular culture, and consumed by the dictates of some private murderous fantasy.

Why Are Kids Killing? Coincidence—or Scary Trend? A Spate of Murders Allegedly Committed by Teens Leaves Experts, Family and Police Seeking Answer

The Valessa Robinson Case -- Why did Vicki Robinson, 49, a single mother and real estate agent with no enemies, disappear? What did Valessa Robinson have to do with the disappearance of her mother?

Daughter Dearest It's a scenario every parent fears: a teenage daughter hanging out with older guys, doing drugs and having sex. Single mother Vicki Robinson struggled to contain her daughter Valessa, and their clash eventually was transformed into tragedy. AMERICAN JUSTICE® examines the relationship between a mother and daughter to try to see why a young girl would take part in her mother's brutal death. On June 27th, 1998, Vicki Robinson missed an early morning appointment with her best friend and an afternoon date with her boyfriend. That evening, the boyfriend called police, launching an investigation that ended with Valessa's arrest for murder. But was she responsible for the brutal crime, or was she a victim herself? DAUGHTER DEAREST speaks with those closest to the case to find out.

The Vampire Clan - Brutally murdered a couple.

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