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His Marriages and Love Lives

He met several women through "Parents without Partners" dances.

Ridgway made accusations about his ex-wives and spoke of them in derogatory ways.

According to two former wives, girlfriends and prostitutes, he liked sex outdoors at or near where victims' remains were found.

Ridgway's ex-girlfriends or ex-wives took detectives to places where Ridgway would tie them up to stakes when they had sex outdoors.

Rebecca Quay and Marcia, his second wife, were choked by him, he placed both in a police-type choke hold in 1982.

First Wife Claudia - She said their brief marriage failed because he was dominated by his mother's influence.

Second Wife Marcia - Marcia Winslow described strange behavior and unusual sex practices. They had a son, Matthew, in 1975.

Current Wife Judith - Judith Lynch, made a big difference in his life. (Legally separated on 9-5-02.)

Girlfriends - He viewed prostitutes as "things" to be used. He said he nearly killed a woman.

Growing Up - Devoted Son - Friendly Neighbor - He was considered a dutiful son. He was "very close" to his mother but not to his father.

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