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Fatal Journey by Jack Gieck "Monster!" That's the word people in Klamath Falls, Oregon, used to describe Jesse Pratt. The would-be macho trucker and sometime pimp was so threatening, even his own mother was terrified of him. Obsessed with his secretary, Carrie Love, 20, Pratt alternately charmed and stalked her. When she resisted he forced her to accompany him on a business trip, where he raped her, then stabbed her to death. To hide her identity, he ran over her body with his tractor/trailer. The provided forensic scientists with enough evidence to put him on death row. Using meticulous analysis, gathering the tiniest of clues, a top team of detectives put together a case against Pratt.



The United States passed its Freedom of Information Act, FOIA, giving the public the right to access certain government documents, in 1966. 30 years later, the act was amended to address electronic forms of data.

The Freedom of Information Act Guide was passed by Congress in 1966 and amended in 1974. Based on the premise that openness in government will assist citizens in making informed choices. FOIA creates procedures whereby the public may obtain the records of the agencies of the federal government.

The Federal Depository Library Program FDLP -- Established by Congress to ensure the public has access to Government information. Since 1813, depository libraries have safeguarded the public's right to know by collecting, organizing, maintaining, preserving, and assisting users with information from the Federal Government. The FDLP provides Government information at no cost to designated depository libraries. These depository libraries, in turn, provide local, no-fee access to Government information in an impartial environment with professional assistance.

Freedom of Information Center -- A reference and research library to serve the general public and the media on questions regarding access to government documents and information. University of Missouri School of Journalism on the Campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia

FBI Central Records System Classification Codes correspond to the first three numbers of any FBI file and are used to designate the type of investigation. Thus, an FBI file that began with the number 007 would indicate that the file was created as part of a Kidnapping investigation.

FOI Letter Generator - Submitting a FOI request to a federal agency is not difficult, but a complete, well-written request may avoid delays and further correspondence. This form is to help you create a simple FOI letter. It asks for all pertinent information, guides you through the options and even lists a number of federal agencies and their addresses.

State Open Records Law Request Letter Generator - Use this letter generator to request access to records held by a state or local government agency or body.
You provide:
(1) a description of the public records you are seeking
(2) the name and address of the government official responsible for keeping those records.

A letter will be generated that includes:
(1) the specific citation for your state's open records law and (2) how much time the law allows for an agency to respond.
(3) any specific penalties provided for by the law should government officials fail to comply with your request.

21st Century Complete Guide to the National Institute of Justice and the US Marshals Service of the US Justice Department: Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), DNA, Forensic, and Cold Case Investigation, Homeland Security and Terrorism (Core Federal Information Series CD-ROM) by US Government This CD-ROM provides full coverage of the National Institute of Justice; US Marshals Service; Crime Scene Investigation (CSI); DNA Testing and Research; Forensic and Cold Case Investigation; Technology and Criminal Investigation; Homeland Security and Terrorism Incident Investigation, illustrated with color photography, tables, charts, and graphs. Privately-compiled collections of official public domain US government files and documents - not produced by the federal government. Over 54,000 allowing direct viewing on Windows and Apple Macintosh systems.

The Day Ashcroft Foiled FOIA -- US Attorney General John Ashcroft vigorously urged federal agencies to resist Freedom of Information Act requests made by American citizens.

Whistleblower Resources

National Association of Counties -- Database of information covering the 3,066 counties in the US, includes a listing of county officials. -- On-line applications, that enhance the operation and communication between an association, state agency, local government, lobbying firm or other entity engaged in business that is impacted by public policy, and the audience they serve.

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Lone Star Justice
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Why Crime? An Integrated Systems Theory of Antisocial Behavior
by Matthew B. Robinson -- Explains why some people are more prone to antisocial behavior than others. Risk factors that increase the probability of antisocial behavior are identified, and an understanding of what produces criminality, deliquency, and deviance. Organized around an integrated systems perspective, the book examines six levels of analysis, from cell to society. Relationships between factors at each of these levels of analysis and antisocial behavior are stated; and a new theory of antisocial behavior and criminality is presented that combines biological, sociological, psychological, anthropological, and economic factors. This book presents more than 1,000 references, making it an excellent source of information for criminologists and law enforcement professionals.

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