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Held Captive: The Kidnapping and Rescue of Elizabeth Smart -- by Maggie Haberman, Jeane MacIntosh-- On a June night in 2002, Salt Lake City teenager Elizabeth Smart was abducted at knifepoint from her own bedroom. For months a massive manhunt was undertaken. March of the following year, Elizabeth was discovered alive a few miles from her home, prisoner of a self proclaimed Messiah and his wife. What happened to Elizabeth during 9 months in captivity is shocking. Startling information about the controversial investigation.

What to Do When Your Child Is Missing -- It is important parents stay aware and alert, but you and your child do not need to be afraid. Be wary of gadgets and gimmicks that purport to protect your child. Children not listened to or do not have their needs met at home are more vulnerable to abduction or exploitation.

How to Keep Your Child Safe -- After a spate of kidnappings, an expert debunks myths about abduction and offers critical safety tips.

Interpol data base of missing and abducted children from 179 member countries.

World Missing Children Organization, free of charge, as an alternative and unconventional method for locating a missing child who is lost or is suspected of having been kidnaped or is a runaway.

Child Quest International -- Dedicated to the protection and recovery of missing, abused, exploited children and at-risk adults.

Child Search Ministries -- Missing Children Hotline 800-316-HOPE - ALL other phone calls MUST be directed to 281-350-KIDS. Crisis Counseling for the Families of Missing Children.

International Child Center -- The ICC is a Agency of InterGOV International devoted to issues involving children, teen and minors.

International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children -- In 1984, John Walsh co-founded the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. NCMEC serves as a focal point in recovering missing children and raising public awareness about child abduction, molestation, and sexual exploitation.

Missing & Exploited Children Clearinghouse 1-800-Find-Kid (1-800-346-3543)

North America Missing Children Association (NAMCA) -- to help locate missing, lost or abducted children and adults. We work with policing agencies that will assist in locating missing individuals.

The Nation's Missing Children Organization, Inc. & Center for Missing Adults (NMCO) -- To educate the public to prevent future abductions and provides assistance to families of victims. NMCO works with cases of endangered missing persons, unsolved homicides and unidentified persons.

Child CyberSearch Canada -- To help locate and prevent missing children by making timely information accessible to the public.

The Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) is dedicated to the search for runaway and abducted children. MCSC provides a comprehensive Investigative Search Program, free of charge, to assist police and searching parents.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and ADVO Inc. released a survey that 34% of parents do not know the height, weight and eye color of all their children.

Megan's Law in All 50 States

TRAK, Technology to Recover Abducted Kids -- Allows any police officer to create and share photo bulletins.

The Polly Klaas Foundation -- Founded in the wake of the abduction of 12-year-old Polly Hannah Klaas in 1993, the Foundation programs help deal with the terror that results when a child is missing.

Lost Children's Network -- Nonprofit television production dedicated to the search for missing children.

Report - Missing and Sighting -- The Lost Child EBS is a youth recovery, professional investigative probono and volunteer organization.

National Missing Children Center TM

Child CyberSEARCH Canada -- To locate and prevent missing children by making timely information accessible to the public.

4thekids -- Web citizens dedicated to helping the families of missing children.

Garden Of Missing Children -- Assists with help in the search for the missing persons. We accept information from the parent, guardian, or police to distribute information around the world in the form of posters, and Internet listings.

The Amber Foundation for Missing Children -- Providing assistance to the families of children who have been abducted by a stranger. On June 3, 1988, a stranger abducted 7 year old Amber Swartz while she was skipping rope in her own front yard, and has since not been located.

Canadian Centre for Missing Children -- "It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Child"

FindKids.Com -- Resources for finding missing children including information on child safety & abduction prevention, investigative services, databases of lost kids, runaways, missing children's organizations & newsgroups.

Timbo61.com -- An alternative and unconventional method for locating a missing child who is lost or suspected of having been kidnapped or is a runaway.

APART -- Organization American Parental Abductions Resource & Support - Offering the most extensive missing children domestic resource Support website on-line for USA victim families of parental abducted children.

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