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Fatal Journey
by Jack Gieck "Monster!" That's the word people in Klamath Falls, Oregon, used to describe Jesse Pratt. The would-be macho trucker and sometime pimp was so threatening, even his own mother was terrified of him. Obsessed with his secretary, Carrie Love, 20, Pratt alternately charmed and stalked her. When she resisted he forced her to accompany him on a business trip, where he raped her, then stabbed her to death. To hide her identity, he ran over her body with his tractor/trailer. The provided forensic scientists with enough evidence to put him on death row. Using meticulous analysis, gathering the tiniest of clues, a top team of detectives put together a case against Pratt.

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"For the better part of a decade, a San Francisco Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and Bloods of Los Angeles and funneled millions in profits to a Latin American guerrilla army run by the CIA." SF drug ring is headed by a Nicaraguan exile named Norwin Meneses Cantarero, head of security and intelligence for the Contra coalition or Fuerza Democratico Nicaraguense. FDN is headed by Enrique Bermudez and Adolfo Calero, under the oversight of the CIA. Gary Webb, reporter, Mercury News Sacramento bureau.

Sebastian Rotella claims growth in the 1990's of the drug trade in Mexico, and in Baja California, was spurred by an American success story. When the DEA blocked Florida as the prime highway for cocaine, the Colombian cartels expanded partnerships with their old friends in Mexico, who offered a network established through their traditional traffic in heroin and marijuana and a long, vulnerable land border with the US.

This is Your Country on Drugs LA Weekly

Substance Abuse in America

In 1996 an expose charges CIA and its operatives used crack cocaine to raise millions to Support the CIA's clandestine operations in Central America during the 1980's, sold via Los Angeles.

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Philadelphia - City Confidential Larry Lavin was a dentist living in suburban Philadelphia. But what his neighbors didn't know was Lavin led a double life revealed by a shocking narcotics investigation. Larry "Dr. Snow," cocaine dealer ran one of the largest drug rings on the east coast, he cleared more than $5 million a month! But these profits and Larry's lavish lifestyle did not jibe with his small dental practice. Once IRS agents alerted the FBI Larry's days of freedom were numbered. But he bought two more years when he skipped town. Eventually, a tip led to his arrest, and he is serving a 42-year sentence.

Shooting the Moon: The True Story of an American Manhunt Unlike Any Other, Ever
by David Harris


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