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"One out of every five deaths in the USA are tobacco related."

Frontline: Inside the Tobacco Deal -- The enormity of the harm perpetrated by tobacco companies and their agents on American consumers is difficult to comprehend. Cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products prematurely take the lives of more than 400,000 Americans each year.

A Genetic Association for Cigarette Smoking Behavior

Does Cigarette Smoking Cause Stress? -- Smokers report cigarettes help relieve stress.

Philip Morris Is Behind Tavern Association's Efforts - Health advocates in NY are questioning Philip Morris' connections to the Empire State Restaurant and Tavern Association's efforts to overturn regulations passed by the Duchess County health board. "What's going on is completely financed by the tobacco industry," said Russell Sciandra, director, Center for a Tobacco-Free NY. Join Together Online

Philip Morris Incorporated Document Site -- Attorney General reimbursement lawsuits and specified civil actions after October 23, 1998 through June 30, 2010 in smoking and health actions.

Legacy Tobacco Documents Library

Global Partnerships for Tobacco Control -- To help Support and strengthen international tobacco control activities. The program pairs groups in the US and Canada with groups in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union, and assists them in initiating shared activities. Over 330 groups in more than 90 countries and 35 US states are involved. Participating groups include: youth networks, schools, tobacco control organizations, hospitals and medical associations, local government agencies, consumer groups, and faith-based communities.

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