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Death in Monaco -- The multibillionaire banker who was asphyxiated in a locked bathroom of his Monte Carlo penthouse. One of Safra's nurses set the fire in order to heroically rescue him. - December, 2000 Vanity Fair by Dominick Dunne

In prison in Monaco -- Accused of setting the blaze that killed billionaire Edmond Safra and his nurse, American nurse Ted Maher has been behind bars two years without a trial date. His wife believes Monegasque police are using him as a scapegoat. CourtTV

The Continuing Mystery of the Death in Monte Carlo

Nurse's 'black thoughts' end in rich banker's death

Book: Vendetta: American Express and the Smearing of Edmond Safra -- The story of how the custodian (Jim Robinson) of one the worlds most recognized names, American Express launched a defamation campaign against a Swiss banker (Edmond Safra). Their efforts would've succeeded if they didn't rely upon an eccentric master of PR (Harry Freeman), a neurotic conspiracy theorist (Susan Cantor) and what could only be described as weasel of a man (Tony Greco)to execute it all. The portrayal of Safra as an innocent is a bit misleading. Admittedly he took advantage of his post holocaust Jewish peers by purchasing their gold for obscenely below market prices to resell at market prices. In addition, Safra isn't without blame in American Express's paranoia that he would exercise unscrupolous tactics himself.


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