The crime was the subject of Ann Rule's book "Small Sacrifices," which was made into a mini-series starring Farrah Fawcett and John Shea.

Diane Downs -- Her Children Got in the Way of Her Love

Oprah Interview with Diane Downs and Ann Rule

Diane Downs' petition for habeas relief under 28 USC 2254 was denied by Judge Haggerty.

Diane Downs lost an appeal of life sentence -- A federal judge dismissed several of the nine claims the convicted murderer made for procedural reasons.

Cheryl was one of Diane Downs' 3 children whom she shot while they lay sleeping in her car on a dark road in Williamette Valley, Oregon on May 19, 1983. Cause of death: Shot to death by her mother. Her other daughter, Christie, almost died and her son, Danny, was left a paraplegic. Downs tried to blame it on a "bushy-haired" stranger, but was prosecuted for it.

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