Gary Ridgway: First Wife Claudia
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His First Wife Claudia - Their marriage was short 1970 - 71. They were married while he was in the Navy, stationed in San Diego. Ridgway went on a 6 month Navy cruise shortly after marriage, during that time she became involved with another man.

She joined Gary on his return to Seattle after he was discharged from the Navy in 1971, but they divorced that same year.

Ridgway wanted the couple to move onto his family's property at his mother's urging.

She said their brief marriage failed because he was dominated by his mother's influence.

Growing Up - Devoted Son - Friendly Neighbor - He was considered a dutiful son. He was "very close" to his mother but not to his father.

His Marriages and Love Lives - According to two former wives, girlfriends and prostitutes, he liked sex outdoors at or near where victims' remains were found.

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