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San Diego, California - San Diego: 1985 - 1991, more than 40 women, many prostitutes, were found dead. Some of the cases remained unsolved.

Southern California Police are building a timeline of Ridgway's movements after learning his son may have been stationed at the naval base in San Diego. Ron Newman, a police captain, said between 1988 and 1992, detectives made 7 trips to Seattle to meet with the Green River Task Force. A conclusive connection was not made between the cases.

Detectives will reexamine those cases for links to Ridgway, said Jim Duncan, a San Diego police lieutenant. "Ridgway has a definite victim pattern. That's what we'll look out for. We'll see if we can get a timetable when he might have been in our area. If he was down here visiting, and he decided to feed his appetite, we may have a case."

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