Wendy Coffield
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Wendy Coffield, 16 Years Old - - On July 15, 1982, two boys riding their bicycles across a bridge spotted the tennis shoes first of fully clothed body. Wendy Lee Coffield, a dropout and runaway from Pierce County died by ligature strangulation.

Galen Hirschi, 15, and his friend stopped on the bridge over the Green River to rest. "The thing that caught my eye was tennis shoes. That doesn't go away." They waded into the water, thinking it was a mannequin, then they saw hair floating under water.

Hirschi has a scrapbook of news clippings about the Green River killings.

Hirschi has never been able to get that picture out of his mine.

The finding was followed by nightmares and fears of walking near water areas for several.

This case was investigated in connection with the strangulation deaths of 4 other females, ages 16 to 27, found over the previous 6 months in King County.

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