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Philpin's spine tingling fiction short stories:

Ace of Trumps - Online obsession in the game room.
In Lieu of Flowers
: A serial killer contemplates his next victim.
The Fact:
A psychologist determined to prove that a serial killer can be rehabilitated.

Author and forensic psychologist, John Philpin, one of the first independent criminal profilers, is an internationally recognized expert on violent behavior and criminal investigation. Philpin is a frequent consultant to law enforcement and the media.

Philpin has been a guest commentator on Court TV, 20/20 Downtown, Unsolved Mysteries, America's Most Wanted, Inside Edition, Chronicle, The Geoff Metcalf Show, The Jim Bohannon Show, Northwest Afternoon and CBC's As It Happens.

A recipient of numerous awards for contributions in murder investigations, his forensic work was featured in Philip E. Ginsburg's Shadow of Death the investigation of a series of murders along interstate highway corridors of Vermont and New Hampshire in the 1980s.

Philpin is a regular contributor of exclusive true crime commentaries and short stories for True Crime and Justice Web site. Philpin holds degrees in English, clinical psychology, and forensic psychology from Harvard, Goddard, and Columbia Pacific. Philpin lives in rural Vermont and is a rabid fan of good rock music.

He has authored and co-written ten books and numerous articles, and the featured character in an eighth, drawing on his experience. His published works include the following true crime cases:

Shattered Justice: A Savage Murder and the Death of Three Families' Innocence --A family's horror— one child murdered . . .another destroyed. The Crowes’ neighbors in the peaceful middle classcommunity in San Diego’s North County were shockedby the savagery of the crime—a young girl murdered,stabbed repeatedly, in her own bed in the dead of night.The lack of any evidence of forced entry led the Escondidopolice to their inevitable conclusion: someone in the familywas responsible for 12-year-old Stephanie Crowe’s slaying.The investigation quickly zeroed in on the victim’s olderbrother, Michael, and two teenage friends—three lonerswho enjoyed inhabiting dark fantasy worlds of quests andviolence. Through efficient, by-the-book police work, theboys were broken down and ultimately confessed. The onlyproblem was the detectives had gotten everything wrong . . .Shattered Justice is the riveting and disturbing trueaccount of a horrific tragedy and the terrible crimethat followed—a nightmare of four innocent livesshattered, one by a killer’s blade, three byobsession and twisted law.

Stalemate -- 1997, a true story of child abduction and murder in the San Francisco Bay Area, featured on the ABC series Vanished, and Beyond Murder.

The Inside Account of the Gainesville Student Murders -- 1994, the inside story of the serial sex slayer responsible for the Gainesville student murders in 1990. Philpin and veteran journalist, John Donnelly, detail the five murders and their aftermath in a gripping narrative. Optioned for a TV mini-series.

J.D. The Plot to Steal J.D. Salinger's Manuscripts is a fast-paced mystery-farce about a professor at a small New England college who decides that the quickest way to academic glory, international fame, and of course money, is to break into J.D. Salinger's home and steal his unpublished manuscripts. -- An ebook.

The Murder Channel -- Lucas Frank knows the cost of hunting human monsters. That's why he left Boston for the Michigan woods. But a tantalizing case lured the forensic psychiatrist back to work and into the path of a cold-bloodedkiller. Felix Zrbny was just a teenager when he went on a murder spree that left three women dead. Now, after fifteen years locked away, Felix has escaped and is determined to finish what he started years ago.

Dreams in the Key of Blue -- Six years ago forensic psychiatrist Lucas Frank "retired" from hunting serial killers. But someone wants him back in the worst way. It begins with a brutal triple homicide in the picturesque Maine town of Ragged Harbor. And it won't stop there. Suddenly Lucas is forced to do what he swore he would never do again: enter the twisted mind of a killer who enjoys murder.

The Prettiest Feathers -- Sarah Sinclair was the perfect victim--she wanted to die. When a darkly enigmatic man approaches her in the small antiquarian book store where she works, Sarah is drawn into a slow dance toward death. A death she couldn't stop even if she wanted to.

Tunnel of Night -- The real-world backgrounds of renowned forensic psychologist Philpin and former private investigator Sierra shine through this sequel to The Prettiest Feathers. Narrated in three alternating voices?semiretired forensic scientist Lucas Frank; his NYPD detective daughter, Lane; and cunning murderer John Wolf?the thriller offers a scary glimpse into the mind of a man who kills for kicks.

True Crime Articles by John Philpin on

Evidence of Foul Play -- Shakira was last seen Saturday night, September 13. She and two brothers attended a block party. She was still dancing at ten PM. Then she was gone.

The Murder of Kurt Cobain -- A recent investigation of the facts and forensics of this case answers the lingering question "could it have been murder" for one forensic and crime scene expert.

The Night Birds -- West Memphis 3. Three kids. Two bikes. The boys Steve Branch, Christopher Byers, and Michael Moore had miles to ride before they slept.

Umbrella of Suspicion --Jon Benet Ramsey --Family members and acquaintances account for 90% of the homicides of young children.

Scott Peterson's Trial by Media

Science, Intuition, and Hope: The Art of Personality Profiling

Slaughter Night in Moscow
Series -- Moscow investigators have found 3 surviving victims who have provided similar descriptions of their assailant.

The Baton Rouge Serial Murders Series -- 5 part series of the search for the Baton Rouge Serial Killer.

Whether Kobe Bryant is leading the Lakers to a championship, or being charged with sexual assault, the cameras follow.

Who the Hell is Winston Moseley? And Why Would Anyone Care? -- The victim’s name, Catherine “Kitty” Genovese, still evokes a sense of lonely horror.

East on the Jericho Road: The Murder of Paulette Crickmore
September 10, 1986, Paulette, 15, was on her way to school when she vanished.

Jeffrey MacDonald gets a new wife and a new home!

Philpin is known by mystery lovers for the suspenseful mysteries he skillfully writes independently and as a team with Patricia Sierra:

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