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Robert Graysmith provides details about the police investigation, including the full text and photos of most of the letters. Zodiac is an excellent starting point not only for the casual reader, but also for those interested in retracing the author's steps to pursue ideas about who the killer may have been. This book has been praised by the San Francisco Chronicle, the very paper in which the Zodiac's eerie messages and cryptograms were published: "Graysmith's taut narrative brings the horror back with jolt upon jolt."

Zodiac Killer (2005) DVD

The infamous Zodiac killer returns through a string of copycat murders in this terrifying thriller. In modern day Los Angeles, a young man is driven by obsession and madness to recreate the murders of the Zodaic Killer- a gruesome serial killer who was never caught or even identified, and remains one of the most mesmerizing killers in American Crime

The Zodiac Killer / The Sex Killer / Zero In and Scream (1971)

What kind of lunatic goes around cheerfully killing total strangers, and even helps a little old lady change a flat by bashing her over the head with the spare, then writes letters to newspapers taunting the police?

The Zodiac Killer(s)

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Beginning in 1968, The Zodiac Killer murdered at least 5 people but claimed responsibility for as many as 17 murders in the San Francisco area. The killer is believed to be a sexual sadist, only able to achieve sexual fulfillment through torturing and killing.

The victims officially attributed to the Zodiac Killer are:

Cheri Jo Bates, 18, who was killed in an alley at Riverside City College on October 30, 1966.

On December 20, 1968 Betty Lou Jensen, 16 and David Faraday, 17 were killed on their first date while parked on gravel road in the outer limits of Valejo CA late Friday night. David was killed first with a shot to his head. Immediately afterwards Betty was killed with five shots in her back.

Darlene Ferrin, 22, died after being shot 5 times in the outskirts of Vallejo, at a secluded park near Blue Rock Springs on July 4, 1969. Her date, Mike Mageau, 19, survived being shot 4 times.

Cecelia Ann Shepard, 22 on a date with Bryan Hartnel, 20, at a lake near Napa CA., on September 29, 1969. The couple was tied up before being Cecelia was stabbed 11 stab times. Bryan survived multiple stab wounds. Cecelia died at the Napa County Hospital two days later.

The last victim, a cab driver, Paul Stine, 29, on duty in Presidio Heights San Francisco, died on October 11, 1969, after being shot in the head four times . The killer cut out a piece of Stine's bloody shirt and sent it to a newspaper with a letter.

Captain Tony Pearsall of the Vallejo, CA Police Department said Mike Mageau, 19, identified Arthur Allen. A claim Allen denied to his death in 1992. A DNA test from under the stamp of the Stine did not match Allen.

The killer sent a total of 21 letters to the media with details only the killer would know. He sent in diagrams of plans to bomb a school bus. The attack never took place.

"School children make nice targets, I think I shall wipe out a school bus some morning," the Zodiac wrote.

Over 2,500 people were considered suspects. The killings stopped, but the letters kept coming until 1974. No one knows if the Zodiac is still alive.

Heriberto "Eddie" Seda

the "other" Zodiac Killer

Heriberto "Eddie" Seda was born in the 1960s. He was a loner, raised in a Brooklyn apartment by a single mother. He read the Bible obsessively. Since he wanted to be a Green Beret he studied weapons, ammunition, and military maneuvers to prepare for Special Forces. He failed the entrance exam. After watching a PBS episode on the San Francisco's Zodiac Killer, Eddie knew what he wanted to do.

East New York’s 17th Precinct received the first, "This is the zodiac" letter  with a drawing of circle divided to 12 sections representing the zodiac signs, on November 17, 1989. It promised there would be 12 murders, one for each sign in the Zodiac. The letter claimed the first murder had taken place.

In New York City, from 1990 to 1994, the self proclaimed "Zodiac Killer," copied his hero, the original unidentified Zodiac Killer, by killing three people and injuring five others.

March 8, 1990, Mario Orozco survived a bullet lodged near his spine.

March 29, 1990, Germán Montenedro, survived a bullet ripping through his liver.

March 31, 1990, after being shot in the kidney, Joe Proce fought for his life until he died in the hospital, June 24, 1990.

Larry Parham, survived a June 19, 1990, bullet to his chest.

August 10, 1992, after a two year pause in attacks, Patricia Fonti died of over 100 stabbed wounds and was shot twice. 

Almost a year later, June 4, 1993, Jim Weber survived a bullet to his buttocks.

Joseph Diacone died after a July 20, 1993, from close range shot to his neck.

Diane Ballard survived an October 2, 1993, shot in the neck, with the bullet lodged in her spine.

Seda's lack of success in the majority of his attempts was attributed to the homemade gun he used that didn't shoot well and held only one bullet.

At age 36, after many lonely years at Attica Correctional Facility, Seda met his first love ever, Attica inmate No. 97A0308, Synthia-China Blast, a preoperative male-to-female transsexual, convicted in 1996 for a gangland murder. Blast is petitioning Corrections for a sex-change operation so they can marry.

Seda had no connection to the San Francisco murders. He is sentenced to 236 years in prison. 

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"This Is the Zodiac Speaking": Into the Mind of a Serial Killer by Michael D. Kelleher California was thrown into a paralysis of fear in 1969, horrified by the elusive Zodiac serial killer. The Zodiac became the most enigmatic and frustrating adversary ever encountered by the law enforcement community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over 30 years later, the Zodiac killings remain unsolved. The authors analyze the crimes and supply psychological insight to his letters providing a glimpse into the mind of a mysterious murderer.

Zodiac Unmasked: The Identity of America by Robert Graysmith
The identity of America's most elusive serial killer is revealed in this disturbing account of pure evil.

VHS Case Reopened: The Zodiac with Lawrence Block Who was the Zodiac? Was he an evil genius who planned his murders to create a coded pattern of numbers and angles? Or was he the stereotype of the serial killer we see in books and movies? Lawrence Block, Edgar Award-winning author and best-selling crime fiction writer, proposes a new twist to the case of the Zodiac. Case Reopened fuses history, mystery and scientific research by enlisting the greatest minds in crime fiction to re-examine some of our most notorious unsolved crimes.

Zodiac Killer Books, Movies, Documents


Twenty-two-year-old Eddie Seda lived with his mother and sister in an apartment in Brooklyn. He had no job, no wife, no girlfriend, no friends. He was desperate to become somebody important. The person he chose to "be" was the infamous Zodiac killer who haunted San Francisco during the late 1960s. Between 1990 and 1995 Seda shot nine people in a pattern according to their zodiac signs, sent cryptic messages to the New York Post in a style imitating the original Zodiac, and then finally, in 1996, staged a fierce firefight with the police after barricading himself in the apartment. " He slipped like a sinister shadow in the night, stalking, then savagely attacking. Most of his unsuspecting targets were shot at close range and one woman was stabbed over one hundred times. After dispatching his victims, police allege he left their bloodstained bodies and crept back to the neatly kept room in his mother's apartment." The taunting, bizarre letters alleged killer Heriberto Seda sent to the police and the New York Post were full of strange symbols and mysterious references to the Zodiac. For six terror-filled years, the Zodiac killer ruled the night, claiming nine victims in his homicidal rage. One of the biggest manhunts in New York City's history was unleashed...and still the body count rose. Police claim his lethal fury finally exploded one summer afternoon. After shooting his own sister, he held her boyfriend hostage and kept scores of heavily armed police pinned down in a ferocious firefight that finally ended with his surrender. But it was only when an alert detective recognized a symbol drawn on Seda's confession as similar to the personal signature used by the Zodiac Killer in his letters, that investigators concluded that the madman they had arrested was in fact the notorious Zodiac Killer. Author Kieran Crowley, an award-winning New York Post reporter who covered the case from the first grisly shooting and cracked the psychopath's secret code, reveals the exclusive inside story and finally solves the biggest remaining mystery of the case.


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