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Top-rated video games for kids

PlayStation 2 Eye Toy uses a digital camera, with motion-tracking. Virtual reality -- get excercise and improve coordination while playing games. The EyeToy camera plugs into any Sony PlayStation 2 machine. It comes with 12 mini games. Appeals to all ages.

Sonic Heroes -- Sonic the Hedgehog is back and better than ever. You control Sonic, Knuckles and Tails all at the same time as they battle the forces of evil. Appeals to all ages. Available on a variety of platforms.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! with Bonus Presell Disc -- GameCube Mario and friends are making a racing to the finish line. The action is fast, the competition is frantic. Appeals to all ages.

Bratz Krazy Kool Karaoke Machine with Monitor has a built-in 5.5-inch black and white display, two microphones with extra long cords for sing-alongs with a friend and special effects such as echo. It comes with a CD of four songs.

Radio Control Kart and Driver: Blue (49mhz) 4-wheel-drive stunt vehicle with twin motors, and huge, “Gyro” wheels it does jumps, end-over-end flips, and quad spins on two wheels. Stunt Pegs allow children to “Run the Edge” on two wheels.

Imaginext: Pirate Raider
this pirate ship is equipped with a triple-action firing cannon, a mast that topples when a target is hit, and a movable plank and anchor with an admiral, captain and crew member and some animals including a parrot. The modular parts that can be refigured or combined with other Imaginext sets.

5 Layers Unit Block Cart
Learn to identify patterns as well as develop hand-eye coordination. This set is made of high quality materials that makes it break resistant and complies to all U.S. and Canadian Safety regulations. Age: 3 - 7 years

Polly Pocket Treetop Clubhouse and Hangin' Out House Gift Set -- Polly and her friends stretch, twist, bend and even hold hands. They have a doll house with 5 rooms and magnetic walls to decorate.. Polly’s place folds up easily and the rooftop handle makes for easy carrying.

Astronomical Telescope with Digital Camera Adapter This reflector telescope has a 3" diameter mirror and a 700 mm focal length to give detailed astronomical views. Comes with a 5x24 viewfinder scope, three 1.25" diameter American standard professional sized eyepieces, and a 3X Barlow lens for a power range of 35X to 525X. The sturdy altazimuth mount is easy to move in any direction and is perfect for easy visual observing. To provide a more comfortable viewing angle when viewing right-side-up images on land and Image Erector is included. The strong tripod is made from extruded closed channel aluminum. Almost any digital still camera can be mounted on the OR 3200 with the Digital Camera Adapter, also included. During daylight hours the OR 3200 acts as a super telephoto lens. During nighttime observing most digital cameras will give fine images of the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and other bright objects such as the Orion Nebula.

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"Today Toy Test 2003" winners

Playschool Around Town Activity Center A town for toddlers with air-powered activities, animated elevator, train, control tower, spinning door and more. Music matches activities! 12 months - 3 years

Motorcycle Racer styling with wide wheels for easy balance. Realistic headlights, taillights and ait intake decals. Easy grip handles help toddler to steer. 12 months - 3 years

Mega Bloks My Musical Farm 12 months - 5 years

Hokey Pokey Elmo

Five Alarm Fun Center toddlers can grab their fire hats and rush off to the fun in this fire engine playhouse for role-play rescues. Emergency light and siren on dashboard, 2 steering wheels with working horns and a clicking key. Raised floor. Front bench seat provides an elevated view. 2 fire helmets included. 18 months and up

Little People Ramps Around Garage With Vehicle

Together Tunes Richly illustrated pictures and happy children's voices bring these fun songs to life. 24 months - 4 years

Learn Through Music: Blues Clues Interactive early learning system helps teach preschoolers through music, rhythm, rhyme and repetition of musical sounds and lyrics.

Wiggles Guitar

John Deere Animal Sounds Hay Ride 4 - 7 years

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