David Graham & Diane Zamora
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Background of the Case

Texas v. Zamora -- Full Trial Coverage

Guilty of Capital Murder -- Ex-Midshipman Zamora

Diane barely moved a muscle as the jury found her guilty. The former Navy midshipman hardly blinked when the judge said she will remain in prison until shes middle-aged for the murder of a romantic rival.

Cell mate: Diane attempted suicide less than 24 hours after her capital murder conviction, because of anger at parents parents nationwide media blitz a cell mate said.

Love-Triangle Trial Begins -- Its been more than two years since Adrianne Jones was bludgeoned and shot to death on a dark road in a crime that led investigators to two young military cadets.

Inmate turns over letters from Diane -- "We were stupid but we're both so different now," ... "Everyone out there thinks that we're horrible people without any respect for human life. If only they knew the truth ... ."

Graham, David

Defense rests -- During closing arguments, prosecutor Michele Hartmann used the words: Killer, murderer, executioner to describe him.

He says his case was a soap opera In the Tarrant County Jail, he now has plenty of time to look back over his trial and its themes of sex, revenge and murder.

Texas v. David Graham "The Cadet Murder Trial" -- Confessions are the key -- He would do anything to prove his love for her -- even kill for her.

Convicted of capital murder in killing of a 16-year-old girl -- Just like his ex-fiancee before him, former Air Force Academy cadet blamed his former lover for committing the vengeful killing of a 16-year-old girl.

Duty Honor and Murder -- The gruesome tale of David Graham and Diane Zamora, military academy cadets who threw their bright futures away when Diane discovered that David had an affair with Adrianne Jones. In a fit of jealousy, Diane and David killed Adrianne to "purify" their love--both received life sentences. With interviews with Graham and Adrianne's mother.


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