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The Shower Posse: The Most Notorious Jamaican Crime Organization
by Duane Blake
The chilling saga of Vivian Blake, who came from Jamaica to live and die chasing the The Great American "Nightmare." This 20 year account, told by Blake's son, portrays the hellish world of immigrant poverty and desperation and how small time marijuana selling grew into a multi-million dollar cocaine operation that stretched from New York through Miami and Philadelphia to Los Angeles and was responsible for literally thousands of murders. It is also the story of how a criminal organization grows and carries the infection of corruption with it. The author tells how sibling rivalry undermined the Posse. And it is the tragic story of a man of heroic proportions who, instead of pursuing legitimate goals, chose the power of bloodshed, intrigue, money, and crime.

Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Marke

t by Eric Schlosser America's black market and its influence on society. The underground economy comprises perhaps 10% or more of America's overall economy, and it's on the rise. Schlosser charts this growth, and finds its roots in the ingenuity, greed, idealism, and hypocrisy that is American culture. He reveals the shadow economy by focusing on marijuana, one of the nation's largest cash crops; pornography, whose greatest beneficiaries include Fortune 100 companies; and illegal migrant workers, whose lot resembles that of medieval serfs. All 3 industries show how the black market has burgeoned over the past 3 decades. Schlosser traces parallels between underground and over ground: how tycoons and gangsters rise and fall, how new technology shapes a market, how government intervention can reinvigorate black markets and mainstream ones, how big business profits from the underground. Schlosser illuminates the shadow economy and the culture that casts that shadow.


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The Diallo Case

Abner Louima

Law enforcement officers are familiar with calls that repeatedly bring them into contact with people whose mental illness is not being addressed. These officers find themselves in the position of determining whether to resolve incidents informally or take the person into custody, for arrest or emergency evaluation.

Top Cops Hit the Books Police work today is worlds different than it was even a decade ago. At Hopkins, a challenging new graduate program is helping police leaders stay ahead of the curve.

Howard Safir spent much of his career as a Federal agent before Mayor Giuliani called him to New York, and where, it seems, he left an overheated station wagon packed with bad karma.

Terrorism investigators may be able to get and use evidence if the Court or Congress extends a 1984 precedent, New York v. Quarles. The justices upheld "There is a 'public safety' exception" to Miranda.

Selling the Police in America -- According to the Department of Labor, the on-the-job fatality rate for police is lower than that for gardeners, electricians, truck drivers, garbage collectors, construction workers, airline pilots, timber cutters, and commercial fisherman. Fishermen have an occupational fatality rate that is 15 times higher than cops.

Over the past 2 decades Florida Highway Patrol have lost control of their officers and sight of their mission.

Charges of Police Lying Haunt Cases -- Whether officers' false testimony is deliberate or an innocent mistake is often difficult to prove. Officials contend such problems are rare.

Violent criminals in SF have a good chance of getting away with their crimes than in any other large American city. The SFPD solved 28% of the murders, rapes, robberies, shootings, stabbings and other serious assaults between 1996 and 2000.

The Smoking Gun: They Spy on the FBI Arena Magazine (UK) November, 2001 It's not easy being a cop. I know this because I read a police report describing how officers in Manchester, NH, on routine bicycle patrol, encountered a man wearing "what appeared to be a costume made to resemble a penis." The report continued: "We asked him what he was doing and he replied, 'I am a dickhead.' " Faced with this ticklish standoff between free expression and good taste, the officers were fortunate to find two bystanders who were willing to say that, why yes, they were offended. The walking appendage was provided with lodging in the local jail.

UK Policing crime

Racial profiling -- Complaints have mounted in African American communities for years that police search cars and homes illegally, they detain blacks based on race, even using excessive force to do so. They use tactics in black neighborhoods that white neighbor hoods would never tolerate.

28 days trailing a homicide squad, 24/7, with unimpeded access to the detectives, action, conversations and interviews.

The Owensby Trials -- Cincinnati police officer Robert ''Blaine'' Jorg quit the police pision a day before he was to face new city investigators' questions about the death of Roger Owensby Jr.

Asphyxiation in Los Angeles

Joseph D. Pistone -- Served in the FBI for 28 years, including 6 years under cover infiltrating the New York Mafia where he posed as a jewel thief under the name Donnie Brasco. During the '70s, Pistone began collecting evidence against members of the Bonanno crime family, which eventually helped convict more than 200 mob associates. CBS news

The FBI and NFL Security

The Counterintelligence Dilemma -- A Convenient Spy -- About the Wen Ho Lee case, and Chasing Spies about the FBI's failings in counterintelligence during the early years of the Cold War.

The Justice Department report on the FBI lab delves into fewer than 24 cases and examines 3 of the FBI's 35 units, but repercussions are enormous. The 500-page study has undermined thousands of cases. The lab handles as many as 600,000 examinations a year.

The image of its criminal laboratory as a cutting-edge forensic unit has frayed as internal Justice Department investigations disclosed everything from sloppy evidence handling to doctored reports. John F. Kelly and Phillip K. Wearne continue the assault, showing how ineptitude played out in cases like the bombings at the World Trade Center and the Oklahoma City Federal Building and the mail bomb assassination of Robert Vance, a Federal appeals court judge.

Murder suspects have more rights than many people who encounter the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Experimental psychologists may change the way police gather eyewitness testimony. Research psychologist studying the reliability of eyewitness testimony for 20 years, reveal witnesses identified the wrong person from the photos almost half the time and police interviewing techniques hampered information gathering.

Across NYC in the drug holes and side streets where crime incubates, the Police Department is an aggressive force that has not retreated. Those who have substantial contact with police officers do not share the perception that the Department has relaxed its enforcement tactics.

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Crime, police, and root causes -- Statistical analysis of the relations between crime rates and the level of public safety. Cato Institute

Beyond the specific provisions of the federal crime bill is a debate among law-enforcement professionals over community policing, the federalization of crime, and the future of gun control. The Atlantic Monthly

Bugs hard to get, experts say -- Planting the devices, which can be attached to appliances, requires a court order. St. Petersburg Times

Today police officers are setting aside traditional tactics. They are taught to enter a building if they are the first to arrive at the scene, to chase the gunman, and to kill or disable quickly.

"Coddling criminals" and "handcuffing the police" were the bitter charges aimed at the Supreme Court.

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