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Law Enforcement Resources

Law Enforcement sites on the net

Native American Tribal Law Codes

Criminal Investigation Online - Criminal Justice Abstracts and the National Criminal Justice Reference Service NCJRS. Criminal Justice Abstracts, 1968 to present, provides comprehensive coverage of the major journals, books, and reports from government and non-government agencies regarding criminal justice issues.

The Office of Law Enforcement Standards (OLES) helps law enforcement, corrections, and criminal justice agencies ensure that the equipment they purchase and the technologies they use are safe, dependable, and effective. OLES, with a staff of nine, is based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and is one of the two Offices within the Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory at NIST.

The mission of the multi-media criminal enforcement program is to identify, apprehend, and assist prosecutors in successfully convicting those who are responsible for the most significant and egregious violations of environmental law that pose substantial risks to human health and the environment.

Cops and Cameras

The Corrections Connection -- Weekly news source committed to improving the lives of corrections professionals and their families.

The USA Patriot Act broadly expands law enforcement's surveillance and investigative powers. In particular, the law raises complicated questions with respect to what constitutes a business record and the law's broad definition of computer trespassers. The law also creates a new relationship between domestic criminal investigations related to foreign intelligence.

Interpol -- The worlds pre-eminent organization in Support of all organizations, authorities and services whose mission is preventing or detecting international crime.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Principal investigative arm of the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to uphold law through the investigation of violations of federal criminal law; protect the US from foreign intelligence and terrorists; provide leadership and assistance to federal, state, local, and international agencies in a manner responsive to the public and faithful to the Constitution.

The FBI Academy - Located on the US Marine Corps Base at Quantico, Virginia. The facility, opened in 1972, is on 385 wooded acres to carry out the diverse training and operations. The Drug Enforcement Administration also has their training academy at Quantico, Virginia.

The FBI National Crime Information Center

FBI Seeking Information

US Drug Enforcement Administration Fugitives

US Marshals Service - "Top 15" Wanted Fugitives"

Wanted by the US Secret Service

Guide for the Selection of Chemical Agent and Toxic Industrial Material Detection Equipment for Emergency First Responders - NIJ Guide for emergency first responders provides information about detecting chemical agents and toxic industrial materials and selecting equipment for different applications. Because of the large number of items identified in this guide, it is printed in two volumes; volume 1 presents the guide, and volume 2 contains the detection equipment data sheets.

The Center for the Study of Technology and Society - Through original research and in-depth analysis, the center examines the interaction of technological change and society. Advances in technology are neither inherently good nor inherently evil but that every new technology has the potential to cause problems, and the capacity to solve problems.

Addressing Correctional Officer Stress: Programs and Strategies - This publication is designed to help correctional administrators develop an effective program to prevent and treat officer stress. Seven diverse case studies showcase effective approaches that administrators can consider adapting.

Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies

US Pretrial/Probation Cyber Crime Resource -- Cyber Crime for Pretrial, Probation and Parole Officers -- Access to this site is limited to those persons actively employed in the State or Federal Criminal Justice Systems in Law Enforcement, Prosecution, Community Corrections, or the Courts. In order to gain access, you are required to complete an application form. Your employment will be verified before access to the site is granted.

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