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We, the Jury: Deciding Scott Peterson's Fate

Perfect Husband - The Laci Peterson Story DVD

The hunt for Laci and the series of revelations in the case. Starring Dean Cain as Scott Peterson. Also starring Sarah Joy Brown, David Denman, Dee Wallace Stone, and Tracy Lynn Middendorf. Based on actual events.

Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson To get "inside Peterson's head," forensic psychiatrist Keith Ablow, M.D. takes readers into the mind of a killer. Using FBI contacts, private investigators, and researchers, Keith Ablow delves deeply into Peterson’s life story. Ablow's extensive psychological profile is a window to Peterson's soul and mind. His empathy for others was shattered by a three generation "blood line" of childhood loss and abandonment. Early signs that he was losing his capacity to empathize with others. How he can expertly "imitate" a person, while having no true, core self. Why an addiction to sex took root in his psyche. Why meeting Frey while his wife was pregnant triggered a psychological storm. Clues to his guilt in interviews with Gloria Gomez and Diane Sawyer. What Peterson was probably thinking as he listened to testimony in court and received his death sentence. Why he could kill again, if released.

Stone Cold Guilty: The People V. Scott Lee Peterson by Loretta Dillon is comprised of articles about the case that incorporates facts and analysis, law review, editorial, personal insight, commentary on the misinformation of the media coverage. An exclusive collaboration with Gene Ralston, with charts and photographs of the underwater investigation and evidence omitted from the trial including that Laci was already dead and had been taken to the Bay before 10:08 am December 24, 2002. How Peterson made two trips to the San Francisco Bay and why the prosecutors did not present that theory. Peterson sabotaged crime because of his personality. Fascinating investigation not introduced at trial, includes various dog tracking, sonar findings, and deep-water research on Peterson’s computer. A underwater investigation, with photographs, charts and expert narrative provided by a sonar expert involved in the search. The book examines the trial in detail, with transcripts, a detailed summary of testimony, and narrative of courtroom events that were not reported in mainstream media.

Surviving Domestic Violence: Voices of Women Who Broke Free by Elaine, Ed .D. Weiss, Michael Magill Judy North, a first-grade teacher from Nebraska remained with her abusive husband for ten years, until the night she stood up to him...and woke up in the emergency room. Whitney Benson, a Mormon college student from southern Utah worries about the scars on her face from her boyfriend's class ring; Andrea Hartley, a pediatrician in her late forties considers herself fortunate. Although the man she married when she was thirty proved to be violent, the emotional support of family, friends, and medical colleagues enabled her to leave him four months later. All were abused psychologically ...the most devastating type of abuse, leaving the deepest wounds. Yet despite the humiliation, fear, and isolation, each woman managed to escape from her abuser. Theirs are stories, not of frailty, but of clarity, resourcefulness, and strength.

Domestic Violence

Laci Rocha Peterson, 27, a popular, vivacious substitute teacher, was nearly eight months pregnant when she vanished from her home on Christmas Eve 2002, while her husband, Scott Peterson, a fertilizer salesman, was fishing for sturgeon. Peterson had bought a two-day ocean-fishing license days before, yet claimed his fishing trip was a last-minute idea. He had receipts from the marina showing he had been there at some point during that day. Everybody described the couple has in love and excited about the upcoming birth of their first child, a son.

Peterson's lack of emotion raised suspicions. Modesto Detective Al Brocchini said, "His major concerns weren't Laci at the beginning of this case. He is very calm, cool, nonchalant, polite, arrogant. He thinks he's smarter than everybody."

Anne Bird, Peterson's half sister, felt his behavior was strange when he lived with her during the investigation. She recalled his trip from the Modesto jail to Redwood City for his trial:

"There were blocked off streets, lights were going, it was really intense. He actually seemed excited about it. ... He is the most empty person. Everything he does seems to have been copied from someone else ... I was wondering if he really understood the extremity of the whole thing. I think he's very bright, but he's kind of soulless. He's very empty. Somehow he's been lost."

Four months later, Laci's remains and a male fetus washed ashore near where Scott said he was fishing when she disappeared, 90 miles from their Modesto home. Police never established how, when, or where Laci died.

Prosecutor Rick Distaso said Peterson strangled or smothered Laci before throwing her body, weighted with concrete anchors Scott made himself, from his small boat in the the San Francisco Bay.

The day his wife's remains were positively identified; Peterson was arrested for Laci's murder near Torrey Pines Golf Course, in the San Diego area near where his family resides. Driving a Mercedes he bought under his mother's name. He had a grown a beard, and bleached hair and was carrying numerous credit cards, $15,000 in cash and camping gear in the car.

Experts say he is the a psychopath.

According to forensic psychologist Reid Meloy, psychopath have an inability to form intimate bonds and need greater stimulation to feel anything:

"They don't have the internal psychological structure to feel and relate to other people. ... Sometimes they can imitate it, so they can fool other people, but there will come a point when they can't maintain it. It gives the psychopath the ability at times to kill without remorse and to kill for reasons filled with banality. Others' emotions of grief and rage and fury are like water off a duck's back."

Juror Mike Belmessieri said Peterson came into the court laughing. For six-months, he smiled and visited animatedly with his lawyers. Angry outbursts from Laci's family members didn't faze him. But Peterson wouldn't take the stand in his own defense.

At the trial, prosecutors presented videotaped police interrogations revealing Peterson as a liar. His phone calls to his lover, Amber Frey, a massage therapist and single parent were taped for the prosecutions case. Frey testified that Peterson told her he lost his wife two weeks before Laci vanished.

The defense contended Laci was abducted while she walked her dog but the fetus lived beyond that time, and that Peterson was framed after the news announced his fishing-trip alibi. Defense attorney, Mark Geragos, pleaded with the jury not to convict Peterson because he a "jerk and a liar" explaining his lies, inconsistencies, and activities showed a man suffering from grief.

San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Alfred A. Delucchi, replaced three jurors with alternates. The first was Justin Falconer who was replaced in June for exchanging pleasantries with Laci's brother. After the jury had begun deliberating Fran Gorman was dismissed for doing her own research on the case. The next day Judge Delucchi replaced foreperson, Greg Jackson. (In a strange coincidence, Jackson, originally an alternate, was Falconer's replacement. Jackson, a doctor and a lawyer filled 12 spiral-bound memo pads of notes. The New York Post reported Jackson angered jurors when he demanded they review all witness testimony and exhibits before taking a preliminary vote. Jackson complained to Delucchi he was being threatened by other jurors. His replacement was a firefighter in his early 30s.

Friday, November 12, 2004, after seven hours of deliberation, the six-man, six-woman jury found Peterson guilty of the 1st-degree murder of his pregnant wife, and second-degree murder of his unborn son and dumping Laci's body in the San Francisco Bay. As the verdict was read, Peterson stared straight ahead then watched each juror as they were polled. All the parties in the case remained under a gag order until Peterson's sentence was determined.

The "special circumstance" of Peterson killing a person while committing a felony made him eligible for capital punishment. He will receive a lethal injection in California's San Quentin Prison.

January 26, 2005, Amber Frey, Peterson's former lover and the unwed mother of two children, went to court concerning custodial visits of her infant son, Justin Dean Markovich, with his father, Fresno chiropractor, David Markovich.

December 2005, Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge Roger Beauchesne awarded Sharon Rocha, Laci's mother, the proceeds from Laci's $250,000 life insurance policy after a legal dispute with Peterson. Pat Harris, Peterson's attorney, claimed insurance proceeds should not be transferred while his death penalty case is on appeal. The Petersons had taken out life insurance policies on each other on June 25, 2001.

Automatic death penalty appeals have two parts: a direct appeal is based on trial errors; and habeas corpus, based on new evidence, evidence that should have been heard, or errors by the defense attorney.

Since the state can take four to five years to appoint a post-conviction attorney, Scott's parents, Lee and Jackie Peterson, hired attorneys Cliff Gardner of Oakland and Lawrence Gibbs of  Berkeley to begin appeals they hope will overturn his conviction. Gardner said the Petersons hired him privately and the financial arrangements are between him and the Petersons.

Gardner has worked on death penalty cases for 25 years. He has had three death penalty reversals in the past two years. Gibbs, has 24 years' post-conviction experience in work. Gardner also represents Lyle Menendez, while Gibbs represents Erik Menendez.

Mark Geragos said that the more than 10,000 tips he received, gives Gardner and Gibbs the potential for new evidence. Geragos will review court transcripts and preserve documents for the direct appeal. Gardner said Geragos is a good lawyer, reducing the chances of finding attorney error.

Gardner said Scott is doing fine at San Quentin.

The Peterson's and the Rochas squabbled over the possesions that were in Scott and Laci's home. Many were surprised to a vibrant Jackie Peterson moving furniture without the oxygen mask that she wore during the trial and television appearances.

Sharon Rocha, and her ex-husband a $25 million wrongful death suit against Scott in March 2006. to make sure Scott never receives any financial gain from his crime.

Jackie Peterson filed court papers on March 27 2006, seeking $35,000 from Laci's estate for the mortgage payments, property taxes, utility bills, home repairs, and other costs incurred since Scott's arrest in April 2003 and February 2005. When the house sold in July 2006 and the Peterson's received proceeds from the sale. A hearing on the reimbursement request was scheduled April 13, 2006 in Stanislaus County Superior Court.

March 31, 2006, the Peterson's offered a $250,000 reward for information leading to his exoneration and are requesting the public turn over photos, surveillance videos or satellite photos of Modesto, the San Francisco Bay and the route between taken Christmas Eve 2002 to April 14, 2003.

The Trial

Police: Laci's mom lashed out at Peterson
Rocha left court while jurors heard Peterson- Frey tapes.

Scott Peterson's Trial by Media

Controversial issue of fetal homicide arises

Keeler v. Superior Court


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Other Information

Laci Peterson Murder News

Modesto Police Department Press Releases Sources: MSNBC, Fox, CNN, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, the Associated Press, the Modesto Bee, KGO, KCBS and Court TV


Blood Highway by Sheila Johnson -- Hayward Bissell, a murderous madman who led a bloody rampage down an Alabama highway , accompanied by the mutilated body of Patricia Booher, his pregnant girlfriend. Bissell told investigators he killed her because she was a double agent. photos. Original.

Handbook of Domestic Violence Intervention Strategies: Policies, Programs, and Legal Remedies by Albert R. Roberts National estimates indicate that every year, approximately eight million women are abused, battered, stalked, or killed by their husbands, boyfriends, and other intimate partners. The Handbook prepares professionals to meet the needs of women and children suffering from domestic violence by focusing on the advances in legal remedies, program developments, treatment protocols, and multidisciplinary perspectives. It is a guide to the latest research, public policies, and legal and criminal justice responses, covering federal and state legislation and trends in police and court responses to domestic violence. It includes court-based technology developments and new research related to the duration and intensity of woman battering. Highlighting actual cases and promising programs, the handbook addresses social work issues, including risk assessment protocols, a five level continuum of woman battering, intervention methods, and treatment models. This book is recommended for students, clinicians, policy makers, social work researchers, victim services, criminal justice, hospital administration, mental health counseling, public health, pastoral counseling, and law enforcement.

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For Laci: A Mother's Story of Love, Loss, and Justice
Sharon opens our hearts to the Laci she loved: the kindergarten artist, the tenth grader who cried on her mother’s lap after her first breakup, the young woman who planned her wedding with joyful enthusiasm and what it was like to live through the nightmare. Sharon shares conversations with the murderer, his mistress, and police investigators as well as the trial and its aftermath. The love of family, friends, and community helped her survive when her daughter was taken.

Presumed Guilty: What the Jury Never Knew About Laci Peterson's Murder and Why Scott Peterson Should Not Be on Death Row by Matt Dalton. For six months after Peterson's arrest, Dalton was the defense's only full-time investigative attorney on the case. He moved to Modesto to investigate the case, interviewing witnesses, reviewing more than 35,000 pages of police documents, and meeting almost daily with Peterson in jail. What he uncovered will challenge beliefs about what really happened. This is the first book to go inside the Peterson defense team, and the only book to detail all the evidence that the jury did not hear -- that will play a crucial part in his appeals. Reports from numerous witnesses who saw Laci after the police claim Peterson had killed her; none of them testified. The story of another woman, eight months pregnant, harassed by two men the morning of December 24 five blocks from the Peterson home. The burglary across the street from the Peterson home on December 24, and the confessed burglars' claims. Previously unreported details of the autopsy on Laci and her son, cast doubts on the prosecution's case. The disappearances of six other pregnant women reported missing and presumed dead within eighty miles of Modesto between 1999 and 2002.

Tales from the Morgue: Forensic Answers to Nine Famous Cases Including The Scott Peterson & Chandra Levy Cases by Cyril, M.D. Wecht, Angela Powell, Mark Curriden Dr. Cyril Wecht applies his scientific expertise to the Scott Peterson case. Wecht became intimately involved, even studying the remains of Laci and Conner Peterson. He provides an assessment of the evidence as well as his view of the jury’s verdict. For the Chandra Levy case, Wecht examined her remains, and visited the scene of the tragic homicide. He meticulously assessed Rep. Gary Condit. He examined the death of 248 soldiers in a Gander Air Force base plane crash. Wecht challenges the U.S. government to reopen the case, and to admit it was, a terrorist attack. He questions the finding of suicide in the death of Air Force Captain Jeffrey Digman. Wecht also analyzes the shooting of NBA All-Star Jayson Williams’s chauffeur; the case of Washington, D.C. nurse Jane Bolding, accused of euthanizing patients; and the death of Jonny Gammage, (cousin of Pittsburgh Steeler Ray Seals). This book concludes with the assassination of President Kennedy and the death of Marilyn Monroe. Wecht has repeatedly criticized the Warren Commission. In regard to Marilyn Monroe, Wecht reconstructs that tragic evening, evaluates the evidence, and draws conclusions.

Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson -- by Amber Frey An desperate single mother, looking for a husband went on a blind date with Scott on November 2002.

Blood Brother: 33 Reasons My Brother Scott Peterson Is Guilty by Anne Bird, The half sister of Scott gives intimate glimpses of Scott and Laci, and the Peterson family. Anne was given up at birth in 1965, by her mother, Jackie Latham. In the late 1990s, she came in contact with her mother, and grew close to Scott and Laci. Anne and Laci were both pregnant and became confidantes. Anne allowed Scott to stay in her home while police looked for his wife. Scott's behavior grew increasingly bizarre.

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