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Hitler Strikes Poland: Blitzkrieg, Ideology, and Atrocity (Modern War Studies) by Alexander B. Rossino
It was one of the most ruthlessly executed invasions in the annals of warfare. Hitler's Polish campaign unleashed a blitzkrieg in which SS troops, police squads, and the army itself waged an ethnic war of unprecedented brutality. Tens of thousands of Poles were executed. After six weeks, a country was crushed and the world was at war. The invasion of Poland was a testing ground for German brutalities. Alexander Rossino provides a comprehensive study of the Polish campaign, including new insights into its racist and ideological underpinnings. Rossino explores the mentality of those who perpetrated crimes against civilians. He investigates Nazi racial-political policies and military action to show that Poland was Germany's dress rehearsal for the slaughter of Slavs and Jews. Wehrmacht's criminality was evident at the beginning of the war. Hitler Strikes Poland is a startling reconstruction of history that clearly reveals the extent to which Nazi philosophy drove the German war machine.

"Is Europe anti-Semitic?" In Washington or New York, this question is invariably sprung on the unwary visitor once the standard conversation openers have been checked off such as, "Will NATO help us in Phase II against Saddam?" It is a deceptively simple question because anti-Semitism has appeared in so many guises throughout European history.

Trial of Adolf Eichmann -- The crimes covered 12 years in time. Witnesses spoke Hebrew, Yiddish, German, Polish, English, and more languages. 2/3rds of the trial, the prosecution piled up evidence of the black hell which stretched from the Urals to the Pyrenees, from the Baltic to the Mediterranean was ruled by Adolf Eichmann. The Atlantic Monthly; February 1962

Nuremberg- A Fair Trial? - The Nuremberg War Trial -- the most significant as well as the most debatable event since the conclusion of hostilities. The Atlantic Monthly; 1946

Stories of Survival - The Holocaust was the systematic persecution and annihilation of more than 6 million Jews by Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945. 5-year-old Lili, who was separated from her family and hidden in a convent; 7-year-old Krystyna, lived for 14 months in a sewer never seeing the light of day; and 14-year-old Alexander, who learned about death in the ghetto. These survivors speak for the one-and-a-half million children murdered during the Holocaust. Anti-Defamation League

Collaboration in the Holocaust: Crimes of the Local Police in Belorussia and Ukraine, 1941-44 by Martin Dean -- More than a million Jews were shot by Himmler's police forces and their local collaborators. Hundreds of thousands of civilians, especially Jews, were tortured and killed by the local police who assisted the Nazis in murdering the Jews in their communities. Dean examines the participation of local Belorussian and Ukrainian police in this crime. "Many of 'Hitler's willing executioners' were in fact local volunteers from within these small rural communities. Their motives included greed, ambition and anti-communism as well as hatred of the Jews."

Official Secrets -- What the British and Americans Knew -- The current German population was already racially suspect, only a segment remained pure. Hitler believed that Jews were seeking to defile and corrupt the "Aryan race" through intermarriage and seduction of German women. Ending the threat to the higher race meant not only neutralizing the hybrid but also removing the threat of Jewish infiltration and destructiveness.

The Gestapo in Cologne was exceptionally weak. The calm, elderly officers let things come to them and did not undertake any of their own initiatives," testified Dr. Emanuel Schfer on Tuesday, July 6, 1954, the first day of his trial before a Cologne jury court for assisting in the deportation of the Cologne Jews to the death factories in the east in 1941 and 1942.

Holocaust - Churches throughout Europe were mostly silent while Jews were persecuted, deported and murdered by the Nazis. It is time for Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal and Spain to acknowledge that there were no truly neutral countries on the European continent during World War II. It is now time for those nations to acknowledge that they were part of the Nazis' New Order and that they bear some responsibility for the tragic history. Anti-Defamation League

Nazi Abuses -- The Nazi reign of terror lasted from 1933 to 1945, a time when mounting affronts to Europe's Jews, Gypsies, and others gave way to the most unspeakable atrocities. Using well documented facts and contemporary photographs, this chronicles that tragic period in world history.

From the outset, the Nazi government used legislation, administrative decrees, and propaganda to defame and ostracize Jews and to lower their social, economic, and legal standing. The April boycott of 1933 attempted to expose German Jews to public opprobrium and to destroy Jewish businesses, and the laws of that month limited Jewish participation in the economy. In September 1935, the Nuremberg Laws formally deprived Jews of their rights as citizens and established racial segregation. It took less than two years to destroy the foundations upon which Jewish life had existed in Germany since the country's unification in 1871.

-- The Jews were killed, but the German people continued to enjoy the fruits of the carnage and plunder.... This much, however, can be demanded: that the German people be required to restore the Jewish property and to pay for the rehabilitation of those who survived.

The ghosts of reunification Germany - BERLIN -- A German court convicted 3 neo-Nazis of the beating death of Alberto Adriano, a Mozambican meat packing plant worker living with his German wife and their 3 young children. During the trial, which captivated Germans and drew unwelcome attention to the country's struggles with racism and reunification, the perpetrators -- two of them only 16 years old -- said they were motivated by nothing more than the alcohol they had consumed and the fact that Adriano was a black man who dared to walk alone through a Dessau public park in the middle of the night. Salon


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The Forgotten Victims of the Holocaust (Holocaust in History) by Linda Jacobs Altman

Genocide on Trial: War Crimes Trials and the Formation of History and Memory
by Donald Bloxham -- When the Allies tried German war criminals at the end of World War II they were attempting not only to punish the guilty but also to set down a history of Nazism and of what had happened in Europe. Yet as Donald Bloxham shows in this incisive account, the reality was that these proceedings failed. Not only did the guilty often escape punishment but the final solution was largely written out of history in the post-war era.


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