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Reporting to Government

Report a crime -- Or request assistance. ICC

Report Terrorist Activities -- The information will be acted on and/or forwarded to the appropriate authorities and agencies. Any personal information you provide will be held in strictest confidence. ICC

Fight back! Do you know of a scam that needs investigating? Report it to CBS News!

The Rip-off Report is the nationwide consumer reporting web site to enter complaints about companies and individuals who are ripping people off. Unlike the Better Business Bureau, the bad business bureau's Rip Off Report does not hide stories of "satisfied" complaints. All complaints remain public to create a working history for that company, unedited.

BBBOnLine makes it easy to file complaints -- We take complaints involving all types of businesses online, offline, BBB member, non-member. We accept complaints against charities and non-profit organizations. We primarily handle complaints relating to marketplace transactions, including advertising claims.

My -- Provides free online services to communicate better with consumers and companies. If you have a complaint, they will help you draft a letter, and deliver it for free into the hands of someone who will listen!

Call for Action -- To empower consumers by giving them a voice larger than their own through mediation and education to resolve problems with businesses, government agencies, and other organizations. Our services are free and confidential and available to all individuals and small businesses. 1-800-647-1756

WHOA -- A volunteer organization to fight online harassment through education of the public, law enforcement personnel, and empowerment of victims. Our volunteers work with people currently experiencing online harassment, and help others to learn how to avoid such harassment or minimize its impact if it does occur.

The National Fraud Information Center -- A project of the National Consumers League - Consumers can call the hotline toll-free at 1-800-876-7060 or send their questions to the NFIC. The oldest nonprofit consumer organization in the US, to fight fraud by improving prevention and enforcement.

The US Postal Inspection Service -- The law enforcement branch of the US Postal Service, empowered by federal laws and regulations to investigate and enforce over 200 federal statutes related to crimes against the US Mail, the Postal Service and its employees. Postal inspectors investigate any crime in which the US Mail is used to further a scheme, whether it originated in the mail, by telephone or on the Internet. The use of the US Mail is what makes it a mail fraud issue.

The form allows you to send a complaint -- To the US Postal Inspection Service if you are a victim of mail fraud. Although the Inspection Service cannot resolve routine business disputes between companies and their customers, it can act against a company or individual if there is a pattern of activity suggesting a potential scheme to defraud. To send your complaint via postal mail click here.

Identity Theft -- Postal Inspectors investigate cases of identity theft because much of the criminal activity takes place through the mail. Mail may be stolen to obtain the information needed to apply for checks credit cards or to complete fraudulent applications for new cards. Financial institutions mail checks or credit cards that may be stolen by crooks, who can use anonymous addresses at commercial mail receiving agencies (CMRAs; also called "mail drops") to collect the proceeds of their crimes.

Sweepstakes Assistance -- If you, or someone you care for, has been victimized by a sweepstakes promotion and have been taken advantage of because of your age, the US Postal Inspection Service is responsible for investigating cases of fraud where the US Mail is used as part of the scheme. Click here for a Mail Fraud Complaint Form.

The Direct Marketing Association Can Help -- The DMA Sweepstakes Helpline. A free consumer service has pledged to promptly investigate and resolve sweepstakes-related concerns brought to their attention. This includes removing names from their customer lists and lists exchanged with other companies. The Sweepstakes Helpline provides phone and e-mail counseling with problem purchase situations, and answers general questions about sweepstakes and The DMA's self-regulatory guidelines relating to sweepstakes. The special e-mail address is: The DMA may also be contacted at: The Direct Marketing Association Sweepstakes Helpline 1111 19th Street NW, Suite 1100 Washington, D.C. 20036-3603
Tel: 202.861.2475 Fax: 202.955.0085

United States Commission on Civil Rights -- Investigate complaints alleging discrimination by reason of their race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, or national origin, or by reason of fraudulent practices. Serves as a national clearinghouse for information on discrimination or denial of equal protection of the laws because of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, or national origin. US Commission on Civil Rights -- Online, anonymous reporting system and helpline for students. In an ongoing study of school shootings, the Secret Service found, in most cases, school shooters shared their plans in advance but no one reported it. Students can be reluctant to share information because they fear retaliation or are uncertain of whom to tell.'s objective is to work with schools to implement a system to improve communication.

Students Who Care -- Are you in fear of violence in your school? Someone being too much of a bully? Are you aware of threats made against your school? If you or anyone you know is in immediate danger, we strongly suggest you call 911 immediately. This system is to be used to help prevent school violence and for you to report your concerns.

Cyberangels -- Formed to help people who need help online. Whether you're being cyberstalked, harassed or defrauded, find child pornography or cyberpredators; even if you just want to learn how to use the Internet better or have simple questions about how things work, we can help.

There are plenty of unbelievable crimes out there but there are just about as many Urban Legends (or rumors) of a crimes out there. To check out unusual or widely reported stories, news and anecdotes for veracity visit Snopes. Or Urban Legends.

If you commit a crime, it would be extremely helpful and provide a savings of tax dollars for you to perform a Citizen's Self-Arrest.

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