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Charles Andrew Williams - Santana High School Santee, CA

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Classmates said Charles Andrew Williams suspect, was picked on and teased in class, but other friends said the boy was well-liked and funny. Police arrested Williams minutes after he fired off more than 30 shots. Williams had joked about staging a shooting at the school. But none of the students or one adult who heard the apparent threats took him seriously. Williams' family, too, was baffled by the teen-ager's actions. Cable News Network

An epidemic of violence Incidents in schools rise sharply since Santee shooting. Cable News Network

2 dead, 13 wounded - student opens fire at school - Santee, CA - A 15-year-old freshman opened fire at his high school killing 2 youths and wounding 13.

The Santana High School shooting - The Santana High School shooting was terrifying. The students' response was chilling.

Santana High School students came to the suburban San Diego school under tight security after a student received a threat warning of plans to "complete" the job started by a shooter earlier in the week.

Parents and students came together to mourn and Support each other during the first of two funerals for Randy Gordon and Bryan Zuckor in a shooting spree at a high school.

Kids try to cope after shooting - Faith-based organizations are helping this tight knit community cope with a shooting at a local high school that left two students dead and 13 others, including two adults, wounded.

School shootings underscore 'frightening reality,' For Bishop Mary Ann Swenson the shootings brought back memories of a similar tragedy that she dealt with two years earlier while serving in Colorado.

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