Gary Leon Ridgway: Second Wife Marcia
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The Search for the Green River Killer by Carlton Smith, Tomas Guillen
This reckoning of the deaths of almost 50 women in Seattle is distressing not only for the gruesomeness of the crimes but also for reasons probably not intended by Smith and Guillen, who reported on the murders for the Seattle Times.


At age 24 he married his second wife, Marcia in December 1973.

They had a son, Matthew, in 1975.

Marcia Winslow described strange behavior and unusual sex practices.

Marcia claimed that once he came up from behind and choked her.

She identified areas Ridgway took her for shooting shotguns and inner-tubing in the snow. They bicycled, camped, picked blackberries, scrounged for garage-sale goods.

They had sex in isolated areas and illegal dump sites (where victims would be found later).

He would often be gone during the evenings for long periods of time, returning dirty or wet, claiming his car broke down.

She told police he kept visqueen, rolls of protective plastic covering that comes in rolls, in the bed of his truck. Visqueen was covering one victim's near North Bend, and near the remains of another in Tukwila.

He was "fanatical" about religion from about 1976 until at least 1980.

Before their son's 5th birthday she moved out and divorced him in May 1981. At one point, she took out a restraining order against him. She feared his temper.

She stated that they had sex numerous times on the banks of the Green River where according to detectives 5 Green River victims were found.

Even before the locations of some bodies were made public information, she showed detectives Ridgway's favorite places in 1987. These were the same places victims were found. He liked to search places and scavenge for old auto parts, where people dumped things. She showed detectives those places and they were near where victims' bodies were found.

Many places she identified were near where 2 dozen victims were found (including Amina Agisheff, believed to be the first victim, who disappeared in July 1982.) She pointed out a road, where 6 victims were found, as one of his favorite places.

Many of the dumpsites where Green River bodies were found were places he was very familiar with.

Growing Up - Devoted Son - Friendly Neighbor - He was considered a dutiful son. He was "very close" to his mother but not to his father.

His Marriages and Love Lives - A prostitute and a former wife were choked by him, he placed both in a police-type choke hold in 1982.

His First Wife Claudia - She said their brief marriage failed because he was dominated by his mother's influence.

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