Marie Malvar
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malvarMarie Malvar, 17 Years Old - Marie had just moved out of her parents' house. She wore a long black coat, purple shirt and blue jeans.

Marie liked to disco dance.

She was a waitress in a restaurant her father owned. She was friendly and trusting with customers.

April 30, 1983, Marie Malvar's boyfriend and pimp, Robert Woods, was watching as Malyar, waiting for a trick, stood at a bus stop near South 216th & Pacific Highway South. He watched as she got into a pickup truck. "It had a primer spot up by the tailgate, up by the back wheel, from what I remember," Woods said. "The way he sped up on her was what caught my eye more than anything." Johns always drove away slow, he said. He pulled up to the truck and saw Marie. He could see they were arguing. "All I seen was a lot of hand movements. Yea, a lot of hand movements. I don't know if she was talking fast, if she was hysterical or what." Woods lost the trail at an intersection.

Her parents searched areas frequented by prostitutes for months. He hopes that Ridgway will divulge the whereabouts of his daughter.

Malvar blames himself for her disappearance he wishes had watched his daughter more closely. He worked 2 jobs to raise six children.

He keeps her picture in his wallet. Malvar celebrates his daughter's birthday every August with a piece of cake.

He isn't giving up hope. "Deep in my heart, I know she's still alive," he said. "She's out there. I never give up, until they find her body."

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