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Scott Peterson's Trial by Media

Feds and Loathing -- The high is ready to reinvigorate its already robust Support of states' rights.

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6 mayors under federal investigation for corruption.

Emmett Louis Till -- How two grown men got by with torturing a 14 year old boy to death and then sold the details of their story for pay.

Cybercourts Set for Tech Trials -- Legal experts are closely watching the development of the nation's first "cybercourt," being created in Michigan to allow tech companies to sue each other over the Internet.

Laura Kriho case was the first time a juror was prosecuted based on how they deliberated and voted in the jury room. Kriho was tried for contempt of court after she was the lone holdout on a jury in a methamphetamine possession case in May 1996.

Chief deputy district attorney admitted to posing as a public defender to help capture death row inmate William "Cody" Neal, ax murderer, even though he knew it might violate ethical codes.

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