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James J. Hill, FBI security expert, had access to informant identities and witness lists, charged with selling classified files to the Mafia and targets of criminal investigations - 2001

Evidence vanishes The FBI can't account for 449 guns and 184 computers that were seized as evidence - July, 2001

Richard Jewell Atlanta Olympic bombing - July 1996

Frederic Whitehurst Crime lab problems - 1998

Ruby Ridge Randy Weaver's Idaho cabin - August 1992 a federal force of US Marshals, FBI and BATF agents conducted a murderous assault on the homestead of Randy and Vicki Weaver, resulting in the deaths of Vicki and their son, Sammy. This incident is highly controversial, and has raised serious questions about the abusive use of force by federal agencies against US citizens.

Sept. 11, 2001 U.S. attacked after numerous lapses discovered in FBI terrorism investigations. FBI Special Agent John O'Neill was the FBI's leading expert on Al Qaeda. But to people at FBI headquarters he was too much of a maverick and they stopped listening to him.

FBI alters course after 9/11 attacks -- For the FBI 2001 embarrassments included Robert Hanssen selling secrets to Russia, shoddy record-keeping delayed the execution of Timothy McVeigh, and a withering report by the Justice Department on the FBI's handling of the Wen Ho Lee espionage case. But Sept. 11 brought about changes in the FBI.

Cloven Rowley's Memo to FBI Director, Robert Mueller -- An edited version of the agent's 13-page letter

FBI agent Robert Hanssen pleaded guilty to espionage and conspiracy to commit espionage - 2001

Veteran FBI agent charged with espionage -- Robert Philip Hanssen, a 27-year veteran FBI charged with providing classified information to Russian intelligence agents. Hanssen may have confirmed information given to the Russians by CIA agent Aldrich Ames. 10 US agents were executed in Russia as a result of the information Ames passed on. Priscilla Sue Galey, ex-stripper says Hanssen showered her with gifts and asked for nothing in return. CNN

Robert Philip Hanssen a counterintelligence agent for the FBI, appeared devoted to the crusade against Communism, however, he sold secrets to the Soviet Union and Russia from 1980 to 1999. Without his wife's knowledge, he shared nude pictures of her with a friend, and repeatedly arranged for the friend to watch him have sex with his wife.

Dump the FBI -- The FBI is a menace to the life, liberty and property of decent people. The fiasco with the McVeigh trial evidence wasn't the worst of it. The discovery of thousands of pages of documents which should have been surrendered to the defense, but never were, may embarrass the FBI, but it won't destroy lives. For the heavy hitter stuff, you have to look to the imprisonment of Joseph Salvati for 30 years, even though the Feds knew he was innocent, or the shielding of James ''Whitey'' Bulger and Stephen Flemmi while they engaged in extortion and murder. Once you look at the full picture, then you know why the FBI should be disbanded.

James J. Bulger, known as Whitey, once the underworld boss of Boston -- His road to violence began with beatings and sexual abuse as a child bounced from one foster home to another. After being raped during a drunken stupor by an Army recruiting officer, he turned to his life of violent crime. By 31, he boasts of a criminal record 9 pages long that included ''attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, mayhem, breaking and entering and rape,'' although he claims the rape charges were bum raps. Whitey's corrupting of the FBI in Boston made him a national story. He worked both sides, and as a valuable informant had the Boston office so under his control that he could send an innocent man to prison for a murder he committed, all with the FBI's knowledge. Whitey disappeared in 1995; there is a $1 million reward for information leading to his arrest.

Street Soldier: My Life as an Enforcer for Whitey Bulger and the Irish Mob by Edward Mackenzie, Phyllis Karas, Ross A. Muscato -- In terms of relentless ruthlessness and its obsession with the almighty dollar, the Irish mob of Boston's James "Whitey" Bulger could match its New York counterparts hit for hit. Edward J. MacKenzie, Jr. (a.k.a. Eddie Mac) was a drug dealer, enforcer, and key associate of Bulger. Mac's account of those years has more gory details per page than the entire last season of The Sopranos.In exchange for his tips, the Feds turned a blind eye toward Eddie Mac's crimes. Bulger himself was an informant for the FBI.

The Sinatra Files: The Secret FBI Dossier by Tom Kuntz, Phil Kuntz -- Frank Sinatra died in 1998. A 1,275-page dossier of decades of FBI surveillance remained from Hoover's belief that Sinatra had mob or Communist ties. This details Hoover's search through Sinatra's past for a bogus medical deferment from military service. The FBI cooperated with journalists looking for dirt on Sinatra.

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