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Texas Seven -- one of the biggest prison escapes in Texas history. George Rivas, admitted ringleader of the "Texas 7" is the first of the escapees to be tried and sentenced in the shooting death of police Officer Aubrey Hawkins. Rivas' attorneys argued he never intended to kill Hawkins. Rivas ended his testimony by urging the jury to sentence him to death, saying he no longer wanted to live "like an animal" in prison for the rest of his life.

Race and Incarceration in the US

Fitting a punishment to white-collar crime -- White color crime rarely prompts the outrage or draws the lengthy prison sentences of street crimes. It leaves no violated or bleeding victim; its perpetrators are often churchgoing community leaders who stand before the judge wearing tailored suits and repentant expressions. Yet such financial crimes can devastate an entire community rather than robbing a lone victim. Their impact can last for years, stealing crucial services or a lifetime's savings through crimes invisible to their victims.

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