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Kill Grandma for Me James Defelice -- December, 1994, Wendy Gardner, 13, convinced James Evans, 15, her lover, to strangle her grandmother. Wendy took her little sister, stole her grandmother's money, and went on a three-day orgy. One of the most bizarre killings ever committed in New York.

Millions of Reasons to Kill -- Dana Ewell was a cocky, rich kid obsessed with money. And he concocted a scheme to get a lot of it quickly. While eating Easter dinner at the home of an FBI agent, a gunman broke into the Ewell home, 200 miles away, and killed Dana's mother, father and sister.

Celebrated Crimes, Vol. III Alexandre Dumas

City Confidential: Huntsville
Huntsville, Alabama, the Appalachian Mountain range, is a city steeped in tradition. Betty Wilson, the wife of a Huntsville doctor, did them, a recovering alcoholic with a foul mouth, fondness for interracial affairs was the subject of scandal. When she found her husband's bloody body dead in their home, residents were unsure how to react, until the police caught up with the gunman, James White, and he said that he was hired by Betty and her twin sister Peggy.

Murdered by His Wife by Deborah Navas -- "In March 1778, Joshua Spooner, a wealthy gentleman farmer in Brookfield, MA, was beaten to death and his body stuffed down a well. Four people were hanged for the crime: two British soldiers, a young Continental soldier, and Spooner's wife, Bathsheba, the daughter of the state's most prominent and despised Loyalist, was charged with instigating the murder. She was thirty-two years old and five months pregnant when executed.

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Domestic Violence Cases

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Lawrence T. Horn, former Motown recording engineer, was found guilty on three counts of first-degree murder and one of murder conspiracy for hiring a Detroit man to murder his former wife, an overnight nurse and a severely mental disabled 8-year-old son whose estate Horn stood to inherit.

On July 13,1994 just after 2 a.m., Bellevue, WA police were called by Sebastian Burns and his friend, Atif Rafay, to a horrific crime scene. Sultana Rafay, Atif's mother, and Atif’s father, Tariq Rafay, had been murdered. Atif's autistic sister, Basma died at the hospital a few hours after the attack.

On Sept. 28, 2000, Kim Camm, 35, and her two children, Jill, 5, and Brad, 7, were found shot to death in the garage of their New Albany, Ind. home. The murders were reported by Kim's husband, David Camm, a former Indiana state trooper. Three days later, he was arrested for murder. The jurors had to choose between 8 spots of blood that prove Camm did it or 11 basketball players who prove he couldn't have done it. One Deadly Night by John Glatt -- The Camm's had what seemed like a loving marriage, a nice home with a white picket fence, and two adored children. David, a pillar of the community, was arrested for triple murder. Stories emerged about mistresses anda violent temper.

Kristin Rossum and Greg de Villers were newlyweds with a promising future. Beneath the surface, there were secrets, addiction, and betrayal. Their marriage would end with Greg dead, and Kristin convicted of a murder that copied the popular Kevin Spacey movie "American Beauty."

Poisoned Love by Caitlin Rother -- Kristin Rossum, an attractive toxicologist for the San Diego County Medical Examiner's Office, husband of 17 months, Gregory de Villers, turned up dead in their bed, covered with red rose petals. Kristin, 24, claimed Greg killed himself with drugs she bought years earlier to bring her down from crystal meth. The former child model and ballerina told police that Greg was depressed because she was leaving him. He committed suicide after covering himself with the rose petals and placing their wedding photo under his pillow. After a seven-month investigation, police arrested Kristin on suspicion of poisoning her husband with a lethal cocktail of narcotics she stole from work while high on meth. Kristin was having an affair with her married Australian boss, Michael Robertson, a toxicologist, and authorities suspected they conspired to kill Greg. November 2002, a San Diego jury found Kristin guilty of murder by poison. Kristin was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Michael, back in his native Australia, has never been charged. Deadly American Beauty tcby John Glatttc -- Greg was a biotech executive, who seemed to be happily married. Only months before their second anniversary, Kristen found him dead. Authorities deemed it a suicide until they discovered the truth about Kristen...a Deadly American Beauty.

On Sept. 28, 2000, Kim Camm and her two children were victims of a triple murder in New Albany, Ind. They were found shot to death at home in their garage. Kim and her 5-year-old daughter, Jill, were shot in the head. Her son, Brad, 7, was shot in the chest. They were found shot to death at home in their garage. The murders were reported by Kim's husband, David Camm, a former Indiana state trooper.

Derek King, 13, and Alex King, 12, Terry Lee King, 40. His head had been battered. Case against Derek and Alex King Tampa Bay Coalition's Eye on Crime & Justice Special News Report Alex & Derek King Murder of Their Father Alex, Derek King Guilty of Second Degree Murder -- A Perversion of Justice: A Southern Tragedy of Murder, Lies and Innocence Betrayed -- by Kathryn Medico, Mollye Barrows -- The murder of Terry King, the conviction of his old sons, and the Rich Chavez the pedophile accused of being involved.

Tacoma Police Chief David Brame, 44, shot his wife, Crystal Brame, 35, in a Gig Harbor, WA shopping center and then shot himself, after their divorce proceedings became public. A witness pulled Haley, 8, and her brother, David, 5, from their mother's side into a nearby store.


Facing the Wind: A True Story of Tragedy and Reconciliation by Julie Salamon -- In the morning of Feb. 21, 1978 -- Bob Rowe, a Mill Basin, NY, an out-of-work Brooklyn lawyer, stood by the bed watching his teenage son sleep, lifted a baseball bat and smashed his son's head. Jennifer, 8, worried her brother was sleeping late, was coaxed by her father coaxed her into bed with her 12-year-old brother, Christopher. Rowe told them ''We're going to play a game. Close your eyes.'' He used the bat to kill them both. At 5 PM, he called his wife, Mary, at work, instructing her to rush home. He told her: ''Stand in the middle of the room with your eyes closed. The children have a surprise for you.'' He beat her head with a bat until she died. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity, spent several years in a mental institution before being released. He remarried and had another daughter.

Shortly before Christmas 2001, Christian Longo tossed his killed his wife, MaryJane Longo, and their 3 children, Zachary, Sadie Ann, and Madison; then stuffed their bodies into luggage and pillowcases, and dumped their bodies into Oregon's Pacific Coast. He was captured living in a grass hut at a beach resort in Mexico. True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa by New York Times writer Michael Finkel recounts the murderer who assumed his identity and examines his own fall from journalistic grace, in 2002, Finkel, was fired for fabricating a story about a child laborer in Africa. Finkel learned Christian Longo, was arrested in Mexico living under an assumed identity for the Oregon murder of his wife and three small children. Finkel contacted Longo, initiating a complex relationship that became over the course of Longo's trial and conviction. Finkel says, his year with Longo taught him "how a person's life could spiral completely out of control; how one could get lost in a haze of dishonesty." Love, Daddy: The True Story of Accused Con Man and Family Killer Christian Longo by Carlton Smith Shortly before Christmas of 2001, the bodies of Mary Jane Longo and her three young children, were discovered. They'd been murdered and dumped off the Oregon coast in Yaquina and Alsea Bay. The youngest victim was only two years old. Their missing father, Christian Longo, was one of America's Most Wanted and the list FBI's of Ten Most Wanted fugitives. Skilled in identity theft, Longo was on the run.

Kip Kinkel -- In May 20, 1998, Kip, 15, shot his parents, William, 59, and Faith, 57, to death. The next day opened fire on classmates in Springfield, Oregon, killing 2 students Mikael Nickolauson, 17, and Ben Walker, 16 and injuring 25.

Kathy Kraynik -- Premeditated parenticide committed by an adult daughter living with her mother and her boyfriend secretly hiding in the closet.

John List Killed His Entire Family in 1971 -- John List murdered his family; mother, wife, and 3 children. List was the subject of a nationwide manhunt. He was arrested 18 years later.

The Valessa Robinson Case -- Why did Vicki Robinson, 49, a single mother and real estate agent with no enemies, disappear? What did Valessa Robinson have to do with the disappearance of her mother?

When police in St. John, Mo. began questioning Stacey Lannert, 18, after her father's death, she was not a suspect until Detective Tom Schulte asked if there was abuse in the family, she recounted sexual abuses she suffered at her father's hands. She confessed she shot her father, Thomas Lannert, when he was passed out drunk. The prosecutor charged murder in the 1st degree. Some jurors believed Stacey but their hands were tied by the law since she wasn't in actual danger at that moment. Lannert's clemency petition.

Erik Menendez married Tammi after he was jailed for life for the brutal murder of his parents. A joint TV interview on how their marriage works while he serves life in prison and how her family secret brought them closer. Erik from California's Pleasant Valley State Prison, Tammi, and his attorney Chris Pixley Menendez Murders -- The murder of Jose Menendez and his wife Kitty by their two sons. The prosecution claimed the brothers killed their parents to obtain a $14 million inheritance. The defense argued that they acted out to end a lifelong pattern of abuse. Detective Les Zoeller tours the grisly crime scene. The pivotal moments of the trials, including the brothers' breakdown upon hearing the verdict. All three juries and attorneys from both sides reveal impressions of the case.

Jeffrey MacDonald Innocent or Guilty?

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Dying for Daddy by Carlton Smith -- June 1992, hearts went out to Jack Barron when his wife Irene died in her sleep. Barron was at work when his wife's body was found by a neighbor. On Feb. 7, 1993, Jeremy, 4, died. Aug. 7, 1994, Ashley, 4, died. Followed by Barron's mother, Roberta Butler, 52, in February 1995 whose body was found in her condominium. They had a stormy relationship, until Roberta announced she wanted to evict him. Before she could she was found dead. Barron's former girlfriend, Starla Hayes, told a judge soon after his wife's death, Barron made a disquieting remark to Jeremy, 3, for crying about his "Mommy," Jack shouted, "If you don't shut up, I'll send you to where Mommy is!"

Blind Passion : A True Story of Seduction, Obsession, and Murder by John Glatt -- Julie Scully was a swimsuit model married to a millionaire. George Skiadopoulos was a Greek sailor. They met on a cruise in November of 1997 and soon began a love affair. Little more than a year later, Julie 31, left her three-year-old daughter and ex-husband to move to Greece to be with George, 24 . Soon Julie, grew tired of his jealous and controlling ways. She missed her daughter. She decided to return to the States. When she told George of her plans to leave he took Julie to a remote area, strangled her to death, burned her body, chopped off her head and tossed it into the Aegean Sea.

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