The Jeffrey MacDonald Saga
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*** Jeffrey MacDonald Update***

Is Jeffrey MacDonald guilty of murdering his pregnant wife and 2 young daughters, in cold blood? Did the government have a compelling case against?

We want you to draw your own conclusion, based on all the evidence, including what has been suppressed for many years.

Our exploration on this topic is about the evidence, the crime scene, witnesses and experts surrounding this case.

This is about justice for the victims ... This is about the justice system our government provides.

The Crime -- What exactly happened after the MacDonald family went to bed on that wet, dismal February night?

The Crime Scene -- This is where the controversy on this case begins, at the shocking and tragic scene of the crime.

Important Evidence -- Evidence is all we have to form an unbiased conclusion on in this case. Without the evidence there is no case.

Jeffrey MacDonald's Injuries -- An issue of great debate -- was he seriously injured? Were his wounds self-inflicted? Weigh the professional opinions and evidence.

The Autopsy Report -- Thomas Noguchi, MD, a pathologist was hired to do an Independent Review of the Autopsy Reports.

Helena Stoeckley -- What part, if any, did she have in the murders?

The Kassabs -- Went from being MacDonald's most avid Support er of his innocence to blaming him for the crimes.

The Government's Case Against MacDonald -- The Government's theory on the deaths.

The Polygraph Test -- Performed and evaluated by one of the nation's experts.

The Hearings & Trials -- Once again you be the expert on if you believe justice was served?

Research compiled and recorded by Christina Masewicz.

Fatal Justice: Reinvestigating the Macdonald Murders by Jerry Allen Potter, Fred Bost -- A well-documented argument for the other side of the MacDonald case--an argument that the prosecution mishandled key crime-scene evidence, withheld potentially exculpatory material, and discounted confessions from other suspects. The army narrowed in on MacDonald as their prime suspect early in the investigation, and discouraged the FBI from developing alternate theories. And the judge, Franklin Dupree Jr. appeared to have been biased in favor of the prosecution.

Flame-out: From Prosecuting Jeffrey MacDonald to Serving Time to Serving Tables by James Blackburn, Wade M. Smith -- Story of prosecution of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald for the triple murders of his family. Subsequent fall from grace from the practice of law, diagnosis fo severe depression, subsequent imprisonment, and later waiting tables in very public restaurant to survive.

Article 32 hearing transcripts
FBI files
CID files
Court transcripts from 1979 trial
Fatal Justice
The Torturing of an American hero, I accuse
The Ted Gunderson report
Multiple new paper article from Fayetteville
Playboy magazine articles
60 minutes interview with MacDonald
Multiple documentaries of the MacDonald case
The MacDonald case reports


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