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.Marked For Death by Brian J. Karemok -- Larry McNabney, a respected California attorney was seduced and murdered with a lethal dose of horse tranquilizer by his wife, Elisa McNabney, aka Laren Renee Sims, an ex-convict from Florida and her female lover, Sarah Dutra, a Sacramento California State University student. Includes an 8-page photo insert. Other books by Brian J. KaremOther

Finding Susan is Molly Hurley Moran's exploration of the disappearance of her sister and her family's experience with psychics and detectives. Susan Hurley Harrison disappeared from upscale Ruxton, Maryland on August 5, 1994. Her body was discovered in the woods of northern Maryland two years later and her death was ruled a homicide.

Fatal Journey by Jack Gieck "Monster!" That's the word used to describe Jesse Pratt. The would-be macho trucker and pimp was so threatening, even his own mother was terrified of him. Obsessed with his secretary, Carrie Love, 20, Pratt charmed and stalked her. He forced her to accompany him on a business trip, he raped her, then stabbed her to death. To hide her identity, he ran over her with his tractor/trailer.

Domestic Violence

Intimate violence is physical, mental or emotional abuse against a family member or intimate partner. It is an attempt by the abuser to control their victim. It is frequently learned in the home during childhood. It is often perpetuated by alcohol or drug use.The issue is complicated by a lack of knowledge and denial by society, family and perpetrators.

In 1998, Patrizia Reggiani, Italy's "black widow," was sentenced to 26 years in jail for hiring a hit man to kill her estranged husband, fashion heir, Maurizio Gucci, Mafia-style, outside his Milan office. Her family claims new medical tests show the extent of brain damage from a tumor years ago meant she could not have planned a murder. The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed by Sara G. Forden --Did Patrizia Reggiani murder Gucci in 1995 because he was preparing to marry his mistress, Paola Franchi? This ascent, collapse, and resurrection of the Gucci dynasty; behind the scenes at the trial.

Burt and Linda Pugach -- It's Rosh Hashanah, 1957 in the Bronx. Linda Riss, 20, an attractive, single working girl, crosses paths with "Burt" (Burton) Pugach, a married, 32-year-old, sophisticated and successful NY attorney specializing in negligence cases. Young Linda, still living at home with her mother and grandmother in the East Bronx , is impressed by his nice Cadillac, private plane, Long Island nightclub and celebrity friends. She enjoyed his lavish attention. He chauffeurs her around, takes her to breakfast before work, meets her for lunch, wines and dines her in the evenings. Still a virgin, Linda refused to have sex before marriage. When she discovers Burt has a family, she delivers an ultimatum; for Burt to divorce his wife. When Linda realizes he lied to her about filing for divorce, she ends the relationship. Pugach stalks and threatens her. She tries to get protection from the NYPD to no avail. When Linda moves on and becomes engaged to marry, so Pugach hires thugs to throw lye in her face leaving her permanently blind and disfigured. Pugach served 14 years in prison for the crime. Linda's fiance left her. When paroled from Attica in 1974, Burt publicly declared his love for Linda. Eight months later a female police officer arranged a reunion for them. They were soon married.

"You would have to walk a mile in my shoes to really understand. I went from hating him, to wanting revenge, to fearing what he would do when he got out of prison, to not thinking of him. After he was paroled and didn't bother me, I thought, 'Well, he found somebody else,' and I was jealous." No longer able to practice law, Burt worked long hours as a clerk to support their life in their modest one bedroom Queens apartment they have lived in all these years. Their opulent lifestyle is long past. In 1976 they were paid $50,000 to co-write,A very different love story: Burt and Linda Pugach's intimate account of their triumph over tragedy.

In 1996-97, Burt was arrested and tried for sexually abusing and threatening to kill a Filipino secretary he had a five-year affair with. At the trial, Linda, his character witness, testified that “Burt is a wonderful, devoted husband.” Burt was convicted of second-degree harassment.and acquitted of sexual abuse.He was sentenced to 15 days in jail.

Since the attack, Linda sees herself as damaged good. She allows nobody other than Burt to see her without her trademark oversized dark glasses covering her scared and discolored eyes and her always perfectly coiffed wigs. Her health has declined. She was left partially blind after the accident but since has become completely blind. Even though Linda is outgoing, fiercely independent and manages to do amazing things on her own, due to her health and blindness, she is reliant on Burt. Their marriage has lasted over 35 years. The two reportedly enjoy bide ring with each other constantly.

"Crazy Love" is a documentary about Burt and Linda. Interviews with Burt, Linda, family and close friends portray a strong woman tired of being alone. The documentary follows them into their golden years together. In For Worse and for Better: Documenting an Obsession. Linda sums it up, "It's me and Burt against the world." I recommend this documentary.


Are Men the More Belligerent Sex? Men are more dangerous, but women can be just as aggressive

Wall Street millionaire investment banker, Theodore "Ted" Am mon, was beat to death with a blunt object to his head as he slept in his $10 million East Hampton, Long Island estate. Daniel Pelosi, Ted's wife's lover, was convicted of second-degree murder.The War for Ted Ammon's Children.

Susan Wright, 27, mother of two stabbed her husband, Jeffrey Wright, 193 times in self-defense.
A Wife's Revenge by Eric Francis -- Susan Wright admitted to killing her husband in self-defense and buried him in their backyard. Justice would not come easy. The theatrics in the Houston courtroom would brand Susan as a desperate martyr and a brutal killer.

Mark Hacking is accused of murdering his wife Lori in their Salt Lake City home and dumping her body.

Almost everyone who knew Mark and Donnah Winger thought the Springfield Illinois couple were perfect together.

Kurt and Nancy Sonnenfeld -- New Year's 2002 Nancy planned to leave Kurt because was using heroin and cheating on her. Kurt, a videographer documented the the World Trade Center recovery for FEMA, was arrested after Nancy died of a gunshot wound to her head. She was still alive when police were called. Police had to knock the door down because Kurt refused to let them in.

Tacoma, WA Police Chief David Brame shot his wife Crystal, to death then committed suicide in front of their children.

In 1998, Patrizia Reggiani, Italy's "black widow," was sentenced to 26 years for hiring a hit man to kill her estranged husband, fashion heir Maurizio Gucci. Her family claims medical tests show brain damage from a tumor, years ago, mean she could not have planned a murder.

The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed by Sara G. Forden -- Did Patrizia Reggiani murder her ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci, in 1995 because he was preparing to marry Paola Franchi? This account of the Gucci dynasty, goes behind the scenes of the trial to expose the great fashion family.

Celeste Beard Johnson -- Is serving a double life sentence for manipulating Tracey Tarlton, her lover into killing her elderly, millionaire husband, Steven Beard. Tarlton, the confessed killer, is serving a 20-year sentence.

Jane Andrews, former aide to the Duchess of York, was found guilty of murdering her fiancé, Tom Cressman, 39, after discovering an erotic e-mail he sent to another woman. She is sentenced to life imprisonment. Jane gives her account of the hours that led up to the killing.

Margaret Rudin -- Sex, betrayal, decapitation, spirit possession, money and a "Black Widow."

Jami Sherer disappeared from her home Sept. 30, 1990, after phoning her mother to say she was coming over. She never made it to her mother's house. Steven Sherer, pleaded not guilty to charges he tried to burn down the home of his former mother-in-law and son.

Empty Promises by Ann Rule Rule: A young wife, Jami Sherer, her prosperous husband, the scion of a family building business in a world of drugs, sordid sex, and cons.

Millionaire Convicted in Murder-For-Hire -- Texas millionaire, Allen Blackthorne, 45, was convicted of arranging the 1997 murder of his ex-wife, Sheila Bellush, 35, shot, with her throat slit as her 2-year-old quadruplets crawled in her blood. She who was found by their 13-year-old daughter. Case Updates and Overview.

Bob and Jane Dorotik had been married for 30 years. In February 2000, Bob disappeared. Early the next morning, his beaten and strangled body was found near their Vista CA home. Police arrested Jane for murder.

Did 'The Jerry Springer Show' Cause a Murder? -- Jerry Springer Guests Apprehended - The Jerry Springer Show with Nancy Campbell-Panitz - Ralf Panitz, accused of killing his ex-wife hours after the couple appeared on The Show.

Drugs, Booze in Hartman Murder -- May 18, 1998, Brynn Hartman consumed booze, cocaine and prescription pills before killing her husband, popular comedian, Phil Hartman and herself.

Rinette Riella Bergna was killed in a mysterious crash June 1, 1998 near Reno. Peter Bergna, 45, her husband of 11 years, became the suspect.

Who shot Doris Angleton, 46, mother of 2 young daughters and the wife of Robert Angleton, Houston's top bookmaker was shot 13 times in her home in 1997. Friends speculated it was carried out by one of Robert's underworld rivals. January 24, 2002, bookie, Robert "Bob" Angleton was arrested and indicted by a Federal Grand Jury. When Robert's brother, Roger was arrested on unrelated charges. Police found evidence that Roger was the killer. He committed suicide in prison cell but left a note clearing Robert of the murder.

June 12, 1994, Vickie Lander Beckham, 36, of South Carolina, was found beaten to death in her car. Vickie was the daughter of state senator Jim Lander. Police arrested Richard George Anderson, 35, a bouncer at a Myrtle Beach nightclub hired by Vickie's husband, Stephen, 37, son of an Episcopal Bishop, William Beckham.

The mother of murdered newspaper heiress, Anne Scripps Douglas, killed Dec. 31, 1993, by her husband, Scott, blasted the judge who allowed her daughter's husband to stay in the home after she sought court protection. Douglas, a house painter then killed himself.

A manuscript about killing one's wife gets another look, now that the author has confessed his book is autobiographical.

1975 Lita McClinton, 23, fell in love with James Sullivan, 33, a businessman who inherited millions. After 9 years of marriage, Lita filed for divorce. Lita was shot in the head and died.

The Robert Blake Case

The Scott Peterson Case

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By Their Father's Hand: The True Story of the Wesson Family Massacre by Monte Francis--Neighbors were unaware of what went on behind the closed doors of the home of 300-pound Marcus Wesson, his wife, children, nieces, and grandchildren in Fresno, California. March 12, 2004, after gunshots were heard inside their home police officers responding were horrified by the carnage they discovered. A chilling story of incest, abuse, madness, murder, and one family's terrible and ultimately fatal ordeal at the hands of a powerful, manipulative man—a cultist who envisioned vengeful gods and vampires, and totally controlled those closest to him.

The Serpent and the Spirit: Glenn Summerford's Story by Thomas Burton A story of Holiness snake-handling preacher Glenn Summerford, who is serving ninety-nine years for attempting to murder his wife, Darlene, by forcing her to be bitten by a rattlesnake.

The Stranger In My Bed by Michael Fleeman -- In 1974, the estranged wife of John David Smith disappeared. A body found in 1980 was identified as hers. Fifteen years later, Smith's second wife vanished. Smith soon married again, and in 2000, Diane Smith discovered why the FBI was investigating her husband.

Kathleen Jones, professor of women's studies and political science, was shaken by the domestic violence murder of her student, Andrea O'Donnell, in 1994. Living Between Danger and Love: The Limits of Choice. Jones calls "unreasonable choices" - the kinds of choices that most of us feel we are expected to make between love and power.

Marked For Death by Brian J. Karem Larry McNabney, a respected California attorney was seduced and murdered with a lethal dose of horse tranquilizer by his deeply disturbed wife, Elisa McNabney, aka Laren Renee Sims, an ex-convict from Florida .and her female lover, Sarah Dutra, a Sacramento California State University student. Includes an 8-page photo insert.

While She Slept by Marion Collins -- Jeff and Jill Cahill were legally separated but living in the same house. April 1996 during an argument, while their children were sleeping, Jeff took a Louisville slugger to Jill's head. In a coma for nearly six months, as she showed signs of coming out of it, she received a visitor, a male wearing a wig. When Jill's nurse checked on her, she was gasping for air, with bruises around her mouth and cyanide flecks on her chest.

The Surgeon's Wife by Kieran Crowley -- Gail's parents were thrilled she was marrying a medical student from a well-to-do family. Her sister and her therapist warned her she could die at the hands of the man she married. In the summer of 1985, Robert Bierenbaum, a prominent surgeon strangled his wife Gail to death in their Upper East Side Manhattan apartment. He drove her body to a Caldwell, N. J. airstrip in and dumped it into the Atlantic Ocean from a private plane.

The Rabbi and the Hit Man: A True Tale of Murder, Passion, and Shattered Faith by Arthur J. Magida -- A man who used his position in the temple to attract mistresses and a lonely recovering alcoholic, he convinced to kill his wife "for the good of Israel."

Men's Work in Preventing Violence Against Women
by James Newton Poling

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