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The Riverman: Ted Bundy and I Hunt for the Green River Killer
by Robert Keppel
July 15, 1982: 3 woman's strangled body was filed, caught on the pilings of Washington state's Green River. Before long, the "Green River Killer" would be suspected in at least 49 homicides, with no end in sight. Then authorities received a letter from Bundy -- on death row -- offering to help catch the Green River Killer. But he would only talk to Robert Keppel, the former homicide detective who helped track Bundy's cross-county killing spree.

The Search for the Green River Killer by Carlton Smith, Tomas Guillen
This reckoning of the deaths of almost 50 women in Seattle is distressing not only for the gruesomeness of the crimes but also for reasons probably not intended by Smith and Guillen, who reported on the murders for the Seattle Times.


Judith Lynch, made a big difference in Gary's life.

"He had a house and Judith was a girlfriend who suddenly appeared," neighbor Scheline Wright said. "We did a neighborhood wedding."

When he told people at work he married again, coworkers were shocked. The knew about his divorce, but not that he was dating again. Coworkers really rallied around him when they heard the news.

"They adored each other," a neighbor said. "When you're around people who really care deeply about each other and are always considerate of each other, you can tell." Judith, had come out of a bad marriage and Ridgway treated her like a queen.

They took their white poodle for walks in the neighborhood, spent time out in their yard together and went away often in their RV.

Their house had been shown on television, and curiosity seekers would drive by. Judith left a broken necklace in a truck and was upset because police suspected the necklace belonged to a murder victim.

They moved shortly after their marriage to their current home.

After Gary's arrest Judith was displaced for a week while detectives searched their home for evidence. It was not clear if she would receive reimbursement as the other's displaced in the search were. One detective said those funds may only be available to those who were innocent and no connections of the crimes.

She has not spoken to the media. After she returned home, there is a cardboard sign in the window:

"Do not disturb. No comment. No media."

Ridgway's wife, Judith, "a very nice, bewildered lady," according to Savage, has hired her own attorney, Rebecca Wiess. "She expressed herself to me to be entirely behind her husband," Savage said. "But I wouldn't fault her for being concerned about where she stands and her assets stand."

She did not attend the arraignment. It is not known if she has visited her husband.

Anthony Savage, one of Gary Ridgway's lawyers, said the Ridgways filed for legal separation on 9-5-2, not for emotional reasons, but to isolate Judith Ridgway from any lawsuits her husband faces or could face in the future, related to the allegations against him. The couple have no children together but property, debts and liabilities that need to be documented and divided legally.

Growing Up - Devoted Son - Friendly Neighbor - He was considered a dutiful son. He was "very close" to his mother but not to his father.

His Marriages and Love Lives - A prostitute and a former wife were choked by him, he placed both in a police-type choke hold in 1982.

First Wife Claudia - She said their brief marriage failed because he was dominated by his mother's influence.

Second Wife Marcia - Marcia Winslow described strange behavior and unusual sex practices. They had a son, Matthew, in 1975.

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