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Washington State - Long after 1984, women were disappearing.

King County Sheriff's Office is looking at cases of other women who disappeared or were found dead in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties of WA since 1985, said John Urquhart, a sheriff's spokesman. "It's not that we weren't still finding bodies, but they didn't have enough of the characteristics to be put on the list."

Lewis County Sheriff's Office said it had three unsolved homicides whose victims may fit the profile of the Green River cases.

Monica Anderson, 32 -- On Aug. 12, 1984 was found dead along the Chehalis River. She was seen getting into a brown van on Commerce Street in Tacoma and was the first of 3 victims whose bodies were found in Lewis County. Initially, Anderson's death was only remotely linked to the Green River killings, because of her lifestyle and the discovery of her body along a river.

Susan Krueger, 42 -- May 5, 1985, her body was found along a guardrail on Interstate 5. She was last seen 2 months earlier leaving the Pierce County Jail.

Mignon Hensley, 21 -- On Aug. 5, 1991, her body was found on Highway 12. She was also last seen 2 months earlier leaving the Deja Vu dance club on Pacific Highway South in Federal Way after asking about a job as an exotic dancer. She was 8 months pregnant when she died.

151 cases statewide share at least one factor with the Green River killings from body locations to lifestyle according to Homicide Information Tips Systems. HITS claims 68 of those unsolved cases are in King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties. They started in 1985, 1 year after Green River Killings "officially" ended and continued up to Dec. 31, 2000, when Anitra Mulwee disappeared from a downtown Seattle New Year's Eve party.

In the early 80's The Spruce, Ben Carol, and the Moonrise (now the Boulevard Motel), were motels popular in the seedy sex for pay industry. Ben Carol Motel was close to a bus shelter popular with prostitutes and johns wanting to hook up, where many victims were last seen and some were known to frequent.

Further south is the Barn Door tavern. Carol Christensen, was a barmaid and last seen there. The tavern served beer, hot dogs and peanuts. Nothing fancy, it had a pool table and pull-tab machines. It is no longer in business.

South 146th Street, near 24th Ave. S, the skeleton of Shawnda Summers was found in October 1983, near where the remains of 2 other victims were found. The areas these bodies were found was a Little League Baseball field and a popular spot for johns and prostitutes to meet up and where Ridgway was stopped and questioned by police.

On the strip, the 7-Eleven where Denise Bush left her motel room to go buy cigarettes is still in business. On the west side of the highway, was "My Place" a popular strip club in the early 80's, no longer there.

Across the street, what was the Red Lion Hotel (now a DoubleTree Hotel) is where Connie (Constance) Naon, 21, was picked up. Her body was found on S 192nd, in the brush, surrounded by fir trees, not far from the skeletons of Mary Bridget Meehan, Kelly Ware and Andrea Childers. Angle Lake Park.

Right across from South 192nd Street, is where Opal Mills made a her last phone call at about 1:30 p.m. from a pay telephone to ask her brother for a ride home. She died less than three hours later.

Bullpen Tavern at S 200th Street is as it was when the remains of Gisele Lovvorn, 17, were uncovered in near by brush. July 1982, Bonner was last seen in The Three Bears Motel, at S 216th Street. This intersection is where Marie Malvar and Gail Lynn Mathews were last seen in a pickup in 1983. Left is the Green River, off Military Road South, close to where Ridgway lived. Military Road South runs parallel with most of Pacific Highway South and provides easy access to the areas where the victims were either last seen or found. Aug. 12, 1982, the body of Debra "Dub" Bonner', 23, was found in a slaughterhouse on the bank. 100 yards south, the bodies of Mills, Chapman and Hinds were found, 3 days later. Going west is South Star Lake Road, a picturesque country road. In spring 1984, a mushroom hunter found the skull of Delores Williams, 17. Police found the skeletons of Sandy Gabbert, 17, Terry Milligan, 16 and Alma Smith, 18 within days.

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