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Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children -- The purpose of the Centre is to promote the development of community-centred action research on violence against women and children. The Centre facilitates individuals, groups and institutions representing the diversity of the community to pursue research questions and training opportunities related to the understanding and prevention of abuse.

The National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity (NCSAC) offers hope and valuable resources to those seeking information about sexual addiction.

SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) is a self-help organization of people abused by spiritual elders.

End Stalking In America, Inc. (E.S.I.A.) -- To educate the general public, be of assistance to all potential victims of stalking, and to assist those victims who are currently being harassed and stalked. We hope to give you the information, inspiration, and motivation to help us end stalking in America.

"Stalking Behavior" to exemplify that stalking is a set of many behaviors (e.g., telephone harassment, sending unwanted gifts, pursuing, or surveillance). The focus on stalking as a set of behaviors helps to demystify the phenomenon which offers a degree of understanding and control for the observer.

The Stalking Resource Center -- To raise national awareness of stalking and to encourage the development and implementation of multidisciplinary responses to stalking in local communities across the country.

The Antistalking Web Site -- A resource for stalking victims, for law enforcement, mental health professionals, researchers, educators, legislators and security personnel.

Are You Being Stalked? Tips For Protection

The Feminist Majority Foundation -- FMF utilizes research and action to empower women economically, socially, and politically. Our organization believes that feminists both women and men, girls and boys are the majority, but this majority must be empowered. Feminist Majority Foundation

The Center for Advancement of Public Policy -- Fosters equitable, humane management in government, corporations, and other organizations; seeks the elimination of prejudice, sexism, and discrimination; and promotes a democratic government through research and education.

OPE Campus Security Statistics -- Web site reports criminal offenses for over 6000 colleges and universities in the US. The OPE Campus Security Statistics by the Office of Postsecondary Education of the US Department of Education is authorized by Congress to help students and parents research criminal offenses on college campuses. <Note: These statistics are only as reliable as the colleges that report them. A college that encourages students to report crimes and records them correctly may appear to have more crime than a college that discourages reporting or is lax in responding to complaints> Department of Education Office of Postsecondary Education

pdf file The Sexual Victimization of College Women -- NIJ Research Report analysis of the sexual victimization of college women of 2 national-level surveys found it is estimated that more than 350 rapes per year may occur on a campus with a population of 10,000 female students.

Full Report of the Prevalence, Incidence, and Consequences of Violence Against Women Series: Research Report
Findings From the National Violence Against Women Survey
Author: Patricia Tjaden and Nancy Thoennes
Published: National Institute of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Subject: Rape and sexual assault; stalking; statistics
68 pages 160,000 bytes scours the Internet for news stories related to sex offenders, sex crimes, sexual abuse, legislation and other news of interest.

Sexual Harassment Hotline Resource List- - Sexual Harassment Internet Resources- These groups and agencies deal with sexual harassment on the job or in school settings. Feminist Majority Foundation

Evaluation of the STOP Formula Grants to Combat Violence Against Women --
The Violence Against Women Act of 1994 1998 Report


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