Jeffrey MacDonald - The Polygraph
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In 1985, when Dr. Jeffrey Elliot interviewed MacDonald for Playboy Magazine, MacDonald was very willing to submit to polygraph tests.

One of the leading Polygraph Experts in the country, a pioneer, recognized for the computer analysis of polygraph results, Dr. David C. Raskin, Professor at the University of Utah, performed the polygraph test at the Federal Correctional Institution, Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Raskin, has testified as an expert in the polygraph, before the Senate, he is a consultant to government investigatory agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) he was an expert in the Patricia Hearst and DeLorean cases among others.

Dr. Raskin asked MacDonald the following questions:

Question: Did you inflict any injuries which resulted in the death of your wife and children?

Answer: No

Question: Did you yourself directly cause the death of your wife and children?

Answer: No

Question: Did you arrange with or directly assist anyone to cause the deaths of your family?

Answer: No

Dr. Raskin concluded Jeffrey MacDonald was telling the truth when he stated he did not kill his family, and, in fact, MacDonald gave truthful answers to all the questions. Convinced of MacDonald’s innocence, Dr. Raskin arranged for a blind evaluation, with MacDonald’s name hidden, to be performed by different polygraph examiner, from another state. That examiner agreed the answers to all the questions asked were honest.

With the evidence displayed throughout these pages, any guesses on how the Hearings and Trials went?

Fatal Justice: Reinvestigating the Macdonald Murders by Jerry Allen Potter, Fred Bost -- A well-documented argument for the other side of the MacDonald case--an argument that the prosecution mishandled key crime-scene evidence, withheld potentially exculpatory material, and discounted confessions from other suspects. The army narrowed in on MacDonald as their prime suspect early in the investigation, and discouraged the FBI from developing alternate theories. And the judge, Franklin Dupree Jr. appeared to have been biased in favor of the prosecution.
Flame-out: From Prosecuting Jeffrey MacDonald to Serving Time to Serving Tables by James Blackburn, Wade M. Smith -- Story of prosecution of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald for the triple murders of his family. Subsequent fall from grace from the practice of law, diagnosis fo severe depression, subsequent imprisonment, and later waiting tables in very public restaurant to survive.

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