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Serial Killers 2-pack -- Former FBI agent John Douglas, the inventor of criminal profiling, leads a journey into the minds of the 20th Century's most notorious killers, including Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer.

The Unexplained: Cannibals VHS Killers and remote tribes are covered in this program. (1999)

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Fred & Rose West

Rose was 15 when she met Fred. Rose and Fred, ran a cheap rooming house and were respected by their neighbors. Rose a bisexual who preferred women also as a prostitute. Addicted to sexual sadism, Rose and Fred lured female hitchhikers, runaways, even a  student to their cellar to be tortured to death for days.

November 22, 1995, after a seven-week trial in Winchester, England, a housewife, and mother of eight, Rosemary West, 41, of Gloucester, England was convicted of killing 10 girls and a young women, including her 16-year-old daughter, Heather; her step-daughter, 8; and an eight-month-pregnant woman staying with her. She received 10 life sentences. Nine bodies were found under the patio, cellar, and bathroom. Another body was found in her former home. Over 20 years earlier, Fred's first wife and another woman were buried in a vacant lot 20 km away. All were decapitated and dismembered. Rope binding, adhesive tape, a breathing tube, were used in the deaths. Rose's husband and partner in crime, Fred, a builder, was accused of all 12 murders, Fred, 53, Fred claimed 20 more bodies not found. He hung himself in his prison cell on New Year's Day - 1995.

Ten years later ...

Rose - The Unprinted Interview -- The transcript of a chilling police interview with Rose. Heather, Fred and Rose's daughter's body was discovered dismembered, buried beneath a patio in the garden, 2 days later.

West fights to clear name - Rose's fight to blame the crimes solely on her dead husband.

Ex-Rose West officer sues - Lynn Armstrong, a former prison officer "encouraged to befriend" Rose is suing because she was so traumatized she believed Rose was innocent.

Slayer of Innocence by Jim Conover A predator pedophile serial killer on the loose for many years. 16 young boys disappeared under similar circumstances and 14 murdered. This predator made the Midwest his killing field 1972 - 1979 when lawmen caught his track.

The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Michael Newton --Cases of serial murder, law enforcement agent techniques, factors that contribute to the development of a serial killer, and how society punishes vicious criminals. The realities of serial murder versus myths depicted in film and television, key figures on both sides of the law, pivotal cases and events that shape law enforcement response.

The A-Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Harold Schechter, David Everitt Collection of information about serial killers, black widows, bluebeards, killer couples, Lustmord, Nazi buffs, power tools, pyromania and trophies. Cross-indexed, bw illustrations.

The Hillside Stranglers by Darcy O'Brien -- For weeks in the fall of 1977, as the body count of sexually violated murdered young women escalated, the Los Angeles newspapers headlined the serial killer they named the Hillside Strangler. But another year passed and the mysterious disappearance of 2 women in Seattle before the police arrested Kenny Bianchi-and discovered the strangler was two men, Bianchi and his cousin Angelo Buono.

Perfect Poison by M. William Phelps In Northampton, Massachusetts, at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Kristen Gilbert was a dedicated nurse so why were her patients dying? So many sudden deaths occurred colleagues called her the "Angel of Death." Gilbert's facade concealed a liar and narcissistic sociopath. She sabotaged patients to strike back at staffers. She engaged in an obsessive affair with hospital security guard, James Perrault. When her husband objected, she tried to kill him with a lethal injection. August 1995 - February 1996, helpless patients trusted a killer, her weapon a drug capable of causing fatal heart attacks. Kristen may be responsible for 40 deaths. As law closed faking suicide attempts, harassing witnesses, stalking her ex-boyfriend, and terrorizing the hospital with bomb threats.

Lethal Intent by Sue Russell That rarest of serial killers - a woman - Aileen 'Lee' Wuornos always craved fame. Long before she was hunted and caught by Florida law enforcement, long before she confessed to killing seven men, she told friends that she wanted to do something "no woman has ever done before" and to have a book about her life. Lethal Intent reveals Aileen's devastating double abandonment by her mother before she was age two, the crimes of her father, and the myriad events that helped set her path of destruction. It even contests the widespread superficial judgment of Wuornos as a "man-hating lesbian" via new insights from men with whom she shared sexual and romantic relationships. Lethal Intent also explores the dynamics of her fateful relationship with Tyria Moore, the lesbian lover who knew Aileen was killing yet stayed by her side, and how those dynamics moved Aileen closer to a life of murder. Packed with exclusive material that sheds a different light on this cold-blooded serial killer, Lethal Intent contains new insights and intimate memories from her family, friends and childhood peers. (Peers who lost their virginities to Aileen, who began prostituting herself at a horribly early age.)

The Execution of a Serial Killer: One Man's Experience Witnessing the Death Penalty by Joseph D. Diaz. Diaz exposes the mind of a deranged and violent serial killer and the origins of the criminal's deadly urges. He transports the reader to inside the death chamber of the Florida State Prison. It describes the life and the death of a serial killer, and the impact his execution had on a witness the killer never even knew.

Signature Killers by Robert D. Keppel, William J. Birnes . Compelling insights into the murderer, whose key characteristic is he kills multiple people, and leaves a signature behind at every crime scene. Keppel's been involved in more than 2,000 murder investigations, 50 high-profile serial cases. He covers "the essence of torture," "the anger-retaliation signature," "the picquerism signature," "the psychological imprint of a sadist," "the retaliation-to-excitation continuum," and why Jeffrey Dahmer is "the black hole at the end of the continuum."

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