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Elder abuse is a national disgrace! - The first references to "granny bashing" appeared in British literature in 1975. Mistreatment of older citizens has become a substantial problem in the US. Congressional reports conclude elder abuse is increasing. It remains a hidden social problem.

Crime and Older People -- Older people and their families worry about crime, and with good reason. Though the elderly are less likely to be victims of crime than teenagers and young adults, the number of crimes against older people is hard to ignore. Each year, about two million older people become crime victims.

Is This Elder Abuse? - The typical victim of elder abuse is a widowed, white female in her mid-70s or older, and living on a limited income. They usually live with the perpetrator, often a spouse or adult child. Elder victims often do not report abuse. Fear of retaliation, shame, or fearinging loosing their home are some of the reasons.

Abuse & Neglect - Abuse is the harmful treatment of people ranging from rough handling to insulting or coarse language. Neglect is a failure to provide goods and services necessary to avoid physical harm, mental anguish, or mental illness.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Information Center - This is for the consumer to gain information on nursing home abuse and neglect. When state-paid caregivers commit crimes against their patients, they often go scot-free.

Betrayal of the Elderly -- Who is exploiting seniors and what should be done.

The Nursing Home DiariesNorth Carolina's nursing homes are in crisis -- Thousands of aged and infirm residents go hungry each day, according to state inspection records. Some people are left for hours lying in their own waste, leading to life-threatening infection. Others are being physically or emotionally abused.

Troubled Times in Nursing Homes -- The nursing home industry has mounted an intense lobbying and public relations campaign for increased Medicare funding.

The industry wants more government money and less regulation.Arkansas Department of Human Services' Office of Long Term Care documents problems at residences that primarily house the mentally ill. Conditions include exposed electrical outlets, defective bedding, and a floor covered with cigarette burns. But according to the state, the law prevents the disclosure of the inspection reports and the names of facilities that are in violation of regulations.

Deaths of the elderly often unquestioned -- Days after Hattie Blyther cashed her Social Security check, her grandson broke into her house through a screen door she had locked to keep him out. It was just after midnight in July 1996, and 39-year-old Gary Blyther, high on crack cocaine, needed drug money. While his girlfriend watched, court records say, he slipped into the bedroom and stood over his sleeping grandmother.

Fay Faron "Scamologist" and president of Elder Angels talks about protecting yourself from being ripped-off.

Elder Abuse and Neglect: Prosecution and Prevention

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